1. Nef

    How hard/easy is it to remove the spoiler?

    need to remove my spoiler on the cupra, how easy is it to do? thanks
  2. kyle'87

    My New Spoiler Design...

    What doess everyone think? Its only a rough mock up at the moment as I am getting a rough idea of what it will look like. I will put up the other design I plan to do tomorrow if i get time after work. Personally of this idea and my other I like this one. opinions :ban:
  3. SteveTDCi

    The spoiler is on ......

    After having the spoiler floating around the garage for a few months I finally got the thing painted and managed to stick the thing on tonight, I just hope the adhesive holds as I cannot believe SEAT don't want yoy to screw the damn thing on !!! just 24 hours to go before I can drive it :)
  4. Spoiler question?

    Does anyone happen to know if the rear window and spoiler from a 1998 SEAT IBIZA GTI, will fit a 1997 seat ibiza SE 1.4. cheers
  5. F2 Spoiler

    Hi there, I am currently looking for an F2 spoiler for my car. I think it would be better for my car as i have the large fold back electric sunroof and it would make more aerodynamic sense to have one of these instead of the generic 16v spoiler i see everywhere. Does anyone know where i can get...
  6. tissot

    Rear spoiler for Mk3 leon

    Does any one have one yet ? There seems to be a difference between the Mk2 and 3 versions. The new one seems to go over the top and down and round the window. I have a piccy but cant upload it, but it just shows it from the back and you cant really see it. Does anyone have any pictures ?
  7. Spoiler or Skirts for CUPRA?

    I only want to purchase one of these for now - the other will be bought later this year or early next year. Which should I buy first?
  8. how do i take my spoiler off my mk2 leon cupra k1?

  9. Best placwe to buy Rear Spoiler & Side Skirts?

    Hello, which are the best sites to purchase a rear spoiler and side skirts for my Cupra? (UK) Thanks in advance.
  10. rear spoiler

    hello all got the btcc kit on my mk2 leon thinking about changing my boot spoiler an ideas and will it fix in same holes cheers
  11. m.r.davies

    Spoiler brake light hanging off - dont want to replace it - any options?

    Noticed this morning my rear spoiler brake light was hanging off and connected by the power wire the plastic on the back of it seems to have snapped so it doesn't hold in place, i can sit it back in, and it holds for a while, but eventually falls out after 30 mins of driving. The light...
  12. Cupra spoiler brake light

    Hi, my brake light in nthe spoiler of my mk1 cupra has died and so i have taken it out as it came up on mot. Now i don't want to fork out loads of money at seat and so thought i could just get a bog standard one and attach it inside rear window ( where else?!!). However what i need to know is...
  13. POLL: Does the Leon FR require a Rear Spoiler?

    Hi guys, With the sporty heritage that the Leon FR carries, along with it's looks, would a rear Spoiler compliment the back end of this car? Opinions please. The rear is more distinguished from other Leons (ie Stylance etc), with the opened rear bumper centre section (more aggresive), that...
  14. Rear Spoiler

    Can the rear spoiler from the BTCC kit e bought as a stand alone piece of kit and what do you reckon it would look like on a standard FR back end?
  15. Removing boot spoiler

    Hi there I have got a cupra r boot spoiler as it's bigger than my standard one, what I would like to know is how easy are the boot spoilers to remove and then refit, well really just want to know how to remove the spoiler as it's going to be easy to put back on cheers
  16. MarkWales

    Where can I get this spoiler?

    any idea where i can get this spoiler not much good at reading foreign languages
  17. mk3 ibiza cupra rear spoiler, NEED 1 AND CNT FIND 1, ARE THERE ANY OTHERS

    i am in need of a mk3 ibiza cupra rear spoiler, my car is going into a paintshop on monday to have all mirrors,doorhandles,front/rear bumpers, colour coded to macth the car, i also have on their way a set of cupra skirts in silver, ALL I NEED IS A CUPRA REAR SPOILER SO I CAN THROW IT IN ON...
  18. killer205

    fitting spoiler to ibiza

    i was re fitting the spoiler to my ibiza as the bolts that hold it in leak a bit of water in so i took them off and put a bit of greace on them i tighted them up but i did them a bit tight and smashed the window in to 5838289 peices :s dose anybody elses spoiler leak in the window where the...
  19. teeth2k

    wrc spoiler

    for anyone whos interested in a wrc spoiler theres one going on that auction site thingy i paid a hell of a lot for mine and boy does it make your cordy look fab :p
  20. Tolly Spoiler

    is this a normal looking tolly spoiler in the pic it looks huge EBAY LINK
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