1. SA Polo

    Part number needed- front spoiler

    HI guys, can anyone please supply me with the front spoiler part number, as in this pic of crezzys one....
  2. epts2008

    LCR boot spoiler

    Hi there was wondering do the LCR's and LC's have different boot spoilers to the other leons like the 1.4/1.6?? Cheers guys
  3. thePHILosipher

    Cupra Spoiler

    probably a daft question, but will my high level break light fit a cupra spoiler?? if not does anybody have the part number for the light i would need?? seen a cupra spoiler at a good price and i want it lol
  4. shox

    Will the spoiler hold a bike rack?

    I was wondering whether the spoiler of the ibiza would hold a bike rack (you know, the ones that use hooks instead of a tow bar). i have it from my previous car and i dont really have a tow bar (and i prefer it this way :P). ps. sorry if this has been answered before!
  5. richypanic

    Ibiza mk2 spoiler on cordy sx

    I'm thinking of adding an ibiza cupra spoiler on my cordy sx 2.0. I know the rear is a different shape of course but will be the same width... Any tinkering to get it on? Shouldnt be too hard, should it??
  6. Spoiler's.

    Guys is the cupra spoiler bigger and a bit longer than the other models.
  7. t0m

    LCR rear spoiler - unhinged?

    Gave the lcr a wash today, and noticed that the rear spoiler has unhinged itself! :confused: on the passenger side... I've only had it a month and it wasn't like this when I bought it (whole bodywork was inspected) I tried pushing it back down but couldn't see where it hinges/clips? I...

    spoiler and side skirts

    Does any one know the part numbers of the spoiler and side skirts?
  9. jasont87

    £225 for spoiler sprayed

    been quoted by SEAT accessories online for a rear spoiler to be sprayed in any colour for £225 including VAT and p&p the part itself is £90 at the moment as they have the 10% off promotion, good price? not sure wheather to have it in gloss black or lumina orange, orange would match the...
  10. Craigbarnley

    Cupra spoiler!!

    Are these the same as the ones on the fr? i need a new boot lid and the one i want is off a cupra but will it fit my fr? Plus im told the cupra spoiler is bigger than the FR? Can anyone shed any light on this
  11. Boot spoiler fell off!

    Hi guys My wife's boot spoiler with the brake light fell off her Ibiza Mark 4 (56 plate) when she was doing 60 Mph. As a result it's knackered. :censored: Does anyone know the product number for the original boot spoiler or an equivalent? Also it's black magic in colour, is there any...
  12. looking for LCR Front Spoiler fitting guide?

    Hi folks Tried the search system but failed dozens of times to find anything Is there any fitting guides etc etc for fitting the LCR lower front bumper spoiler to a normal Cupra/Fr bumper ??? Ive only had a quick look under my bumper to find that there is no holes/securings for the...
  13. demonear

    Putting only skirts & spoiler on a FL FR/Cupra?

    Any pics or does anyone know if this look works at all on the Facelift FR/Cupra? :help: I'm worried that the standard front bumper sides wont flow into the skirts at the front as well as the aero kits does together.. any examples would be worth their weight in gold! which doesnt make much...
  14. Cupra spoiler on an fr

    Has anyone ever fitted a cupra spoiler to their FR, done mine tonight and its a nightmare, the middle wouldnt stay on the body no matter how much tape i used, ended up opening the tailgate and hoping the weight of the spoiler will push into the tailgate with the tape being really tight cause you...
  15. demonear

    anyone know what type of spoiler this is?

    I think this spoiler is really nice. Is it the standard kit Spoiler? Does it have a particular name? Is it a K1 kit spoiler or whatever? I prefer this to the other type I've seen fitted which has a bit that goes it at the middle if i remember right. In fact the one that comes up on the leon 09...
  16. Accesories - Spoiler

    Has any one had a spoiler fitted to there mk5 ibiza pref cupra as im getting a cupra but dont know weather to get a spoiler added dont know how it looks has anyone got any pics?
  17. Leon 09/10 - Tailgate Spoiler

    I have ordered a new FR TDI which is due early in the new year. I have a tailgate spoiler on my existing FR and want the same on the new car. The rear design has changed re the hatch and I wondered if anyone has either fitted the latest spoiler to suit or has any photos of what it looks like...
  18. RS6

    Rear Spoiler thoughts

    What do you think of this boot spoiler is it :ban:
  19. Look! New Roof Spoiler!

    Without human intervention.... :D
  20. DanLewis1991

    bigger spoiler?

    hey i have a 2007 1.4 sport want a bit of a bigger spoiler? nothing too stupoid or in your face.. as it looks now.. anyone have this? if so please post pics...
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