18 Mk3 Cupra300 DRLS

Sep 18, 2023
Hi, I have a 18 plate Cupra300 recently the control unit **** itself on it so it’s been in repair for 6 weeks, had a new control unit put in but my DRLS and rear lights don’t come on when the cars unlocked, when the cars running or when I turn it off and lock it. Does anyone have a clue, it’s been back twice in 4 days they assured me everything was working but I’ve just bought it home and they’re not. Hitting my head against a brick wall🙃


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May 6, 2017
Are you thinking of the Coming/Leaving Home lights? I believe this only works if the light switch is set to Auto and it's dark! I also think there's an option in the infotainment system to enable it.

Or is it if you're driving, you have no front or back DRL's on?
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