2020 Ateca Rear Centre Seat Belt Jammed


Roll on summer.....
Aug 2, 2019
Surrey, UK
A very rare occasion reared it's head last week when we needed to carry five people in the car, so therefore somebody had to have the pleasure of sitting in the middle!

However, the seat belt would not budge from its retracted position flat against the seatback surface - no amount of pulling or fiddling with it did any good. The reel itself is obviously within the seatback, but I can't see any way of getting to it for its replacement or to unjam it.

Before I go to my local VAG specialist, has anybody else experienced this, particularly with the Ateca? Any thoughts or opinions welcome - thanks!

Not being able to use the centre rear seat isn't a big deal at all, but of course it'll fail its next MOT if it doesn't get sorted.
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