8bit's new R...


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Feb 11, 2010
Cheers Chris :) Won't be doing a lot more with this one, I'd like to put the aero parts on from the 4.2 XKR-S but that'll have to wait a while, if it happens at all. You can get these to around 500bhp with a smaller supercharger pulley, sports cats, better air filters and a remap but none of that is what you'd call cheap.

To be honest it's way too easy to sail way into three-figure speeds as it is and the engine makes about as much power as the chassis can control anyway, I do actually think much more power/torque would take more away from the experience than it would add.

I've only used the Tough Coat the once so far and only one coat but the next time I washed it the snow foam didn't really stick to it! Does your car have metallic paint? Best thing about tough coat is it makes the metallic flake stand out really well, if your paint is solid I'd say a wax would be better, give it a nice wet, glossy look but on light colours and/or metallic paint the Tough Coat looks the business :)


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Apr 4, 2010
Plan sound good, although could you use anymore than 420bhp on public road!? hahaa.

Hummm fair point the paints solid, I think i'll go with the original plan of FK1000p with purple haze over the top :)
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