A Good Day


What a day yesterday proved to be...not only did I actually manage to hit 44MPG in my Cupra on my way home from work through doing a mixture of motorway and town driving!!

I also had 3 offers to exchange my car with random people i'd never met, firstly for a '58 Golf GTI, then a '59 Clio Sport and finally as I pulled up outside my mates for a '59 Astra VXR all within the space of 30 minutes, as you can imagine I was very happy with the attention the car received :D

I then took my mate for a drive....started of in 'D' and cruised around for abit and then floored it when we got on to motorway and he :D'd I then proceeded to drop it in to 'S'. At first he poop'd himself with the acceleration then he began to :clap: and loved the whole drive so much he now wants me to arrange a test drive at the dealership I brought mine from!

Who would ever have thought a 1.4 engine could bring so much enjoyment for all that experience it ;)


Missing the CUPRA R!
Jul 18, 2008
Well done mate! I am glad to hear these cars evoke such a wonderfull response from ppl. I can't wait for mine.
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