1. Visibility problems with dash reflection on sunny day.

    Hello All My wife just got a 2006 Leon 1.6SE. She keeps complaining that when its a sunny day she finds it really hard to see through the windscreen with the glare from the top of the dash. Any similar problems or even better some solutions. ( Apart from painting the dash with matt black...
  2. nice day so cleaned the cupra r

    Decided to give the car a once over as the weather wasnt to bad today, thought i would share some pics with you
  3. New car, 3rd day, yellow engine light :(

    As the title suggests, the yellow engine light has come on :( only had the car three days, f***s sake! So, what does it mean? Can I get into any sort of diagnostic to see what it's pointing at? Car is an 02 cupra, pre facelift if that makes any difference. Actually, according to the manual...
  4. tyres for every day use

    what would be a good set of tyres for normal day use ?
  5. A Good Day

    What a day yesterday proved to be...not only did I actually manage to hit 44MPG in my Cupra on my way home from work through doing a mixture of motorway and town driving!! I also had 3 offers to exchange my car with random people i'd never met, firstly for a '58 Golf GTI, then a '59 Clio...
  6. artemis_1991

    Today is the WORST day of my life

    .... and heres why:
  7. LEE69

    2010 BTCC Media Day

    Seen this elsewhere
  8. NickLCR

    NickLCR's Red LCR225

    Hardly have any photos of it, but thought i'd start a topic now i've actually started to go somehwere with it. So here it is, my 2005 Leon Cupra R :) Current Mods; Neuspeed P-Flo Induction Kit Powerflex DBM Bushes KW V1 Coilovers Alpine iDA - X305 Head Unit Future Plans; Milltek...
  9. adm013

    Xmas day LCR logs

    Measuring Block 002 RPM Load Inj. On Time Mass Flow TIME STAMP /min % ms g/s 0.91 760 19.5 1.7 2.69 73.92 960 43.6 5.1 10.92 75.14 1080 72.2 6.46 15.94 76.45 1280 79.7 7.14 20.5 77.65 1520 80.5 7.48 23.86 78.96...
  10. Bad day

    hi all had my mot 2day failed on cv boot,abs light not coming on and rear number plate light out. any ideas on the abs light? then my day gets worse i get a ford ka crash into me wrecked my drivers side door and dent on rear quarter panel write off?????? plus it happend in morrisons and after...
  11. Gunnie

    My rolling road day

    I took my standard Leon 1.8T on a rolling road today everything was ok but the engine managment light is on now,I gather this will have something to do with being on the rollers. Any ideas???
  12. Ant FR

    Want another 130 Tdi sport as track day car

    Ok, been a bit of revelation for me this going back to a diesel. But the weekend showed that the cupra is super capable and that yes a diesel is surprisingly well suited to the nurburgring, in fact very well suited as the boxster S i was pushing round ( until he lost it trying too hard) will...
  13. Damoegan

    Rolling road day section!!

    Am I going daft or had the Rolling road day section disappeared?
  14. Jonny95 SXE

    One last Track Day

    Okay, I vowed about 2 years ago never to run a track day in the ibiza again. but recently i have been getting p**sed off eith all the "lotus fairies" going on over here that they have the best cars in the world blah blah blah. SO..... my goal is: one final trackday. drop all of the...
  15. Fitting Day time lights (LED`s) problem

    Hi all, I have bought some day time LED lights to fit to my Tolly, after having a good look around I am not sure what is the best way to wire them up, so if anyone else has any info would be greatly appreciated. Cant see an easy way to pass wires into the car cabin, or pick up an ignition on...
  16. yusuf_1977

    My MK5's First day

    its the first day we come together its been a year almost and our love has never changed :)
  17. KingAnt

    My Nightmare Day @ AMD...

    Hi guys right update for you who have been reading and helping me with my other posts regarding induction kits and my n249 bypass causing juddering... Thanks to cupramilo i took the cupra to AMD in essex, great place and top guys there who worked well hard from 8.30am till 6pm on my car...
  18. FSiLeonMike

    Brands Hatch BTCC Finals Day, October 4th

    OK, so the season is drawing to a close again, only seems like 5 minutes since we were all on the South Bank, seeing the Cartridge World Leons, and Mr Plato in his Lacetti go into action for the first time. Who's in, and heading for the South Bank then?
  19. Jedimaster65

    Cupra Track - Day tyre pressures

    Does anyone have any info on whether I should vary my tyre pressures on my 08 Cupra for track-day circuit laps ? :confused: I suspect they might need to be harder than for std road use, but anyone with experience / data on this, - can you help ? Thanks
  20. Jamie P

    Faux Pas of the day...

    Well, i have had a sidelight out for a while, so i decided to change them. Easy enough job i hear you say... And it is. I put them both in and they worked, then i must have touched something, so the fuse blew, replaced and is fine... Then was just clicking in the passenger side bulb into...
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