1. Track Day / Nurburgring LCR Pads

    I currently have the Mintex pads on my LCR, from what I have read in the past no one would recommend these for use on a track day. Would the std brembo pads from SEAT be sufficient?? I am looking at doing a track day in April and i'm also off to the Nurburgring in a couple of months. If...
  2. micky 32

    Awesome rolling road day

    Was at the uk-mkivs rolling road day, I got 190bhp at the wheels and 203 at the flywheel, i seem to have very low transmission losses.:)

    What a day!!!

    This has to be the best and worse day I have had the car! Today I decided to fit my FMIC and Sachs suspension kit! Bad start FMIC didnt turn up so had to get up extra early and go and pick it up from the depot! [:@] Ok so started to remove the front bumper and got that off eventually...
  4. Ninja

    Went to G Force for a rolling road day

    Spent the day with the guys from the PGAC today at G Force Motorsport in Aylesbury for a rolling road day :lol: Was a really good day and the guys there definately know their stuff.... All cars had their oil and tyres etc checked before running and we all got 3 runs for £35! Would...
  5. s22jcd

    Today was Pickup day.

    Picked up my new 2.0 TDI sport this morning and have been very impressed with the car so far. The car feels and handles very well and has loads of power through the gears. The heated seats are brilliant especially in this cold weather. I have had a few problems with the bluetooth mobile kit...
  6. cuprabaz

    Just back from Star RR day.

    new results are: Norm power = 238 bhp to DIN 70020 Engine Output = 246.5 bhp Wheel Power = 200.0 bhp Drag = 46.5 bhp Torque = 252 lbf-ft Still running the SMIC and 1.1bar. :D
  7. PhilW

    RR Day @ Westec 209.1bhp and 282lbs/ft

    Had a rolling road day down at Westec, the first one since putting the FMIC, n75j, samco intake and dv relocation on. And pulled 209.1bhp and 282lbs/ft. Very happy with that as before the mods above i had 182bhp and 242lbs/ft. Below pics are of bhp and torque graphs, the lower two...
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