Cupra Track - Day tyre pressures


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Aug 13, 2007
Does anyone have any info on whether I should vary my tyre pressures on my 08 Cupra for track-day circuit laps ? :confused:

I suspect they might need to be harder than for std road use, but anyone with experience / data on this, - can you help ?

Not necessarily as the tyres will heat up under 'spirited' track driving, especially if they are road tyres. I think its a question of trial and error to start with to see what pressures work.

The suggestion below is to start with normal tyre pressures and work up/down depending on how the car feels and how much the tyres are heating up.


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Aug 31, 2004
Drop them by 2 or 3psi all round once you've done the 1st session. You need to keep your tyres working at their optimum temperature as your generating more heat through friction with a grippy track, therefore tyre pressures need to be lowered accordingly.
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