1. Ibiza 6j Sport 1.6 Petrol Brake Upgrade

    Hey, I daily drive a Seat Ibiza 6j 2010 1.6 petrol (105hp) that has 256mm (stock) front disc breaks which Is not enough for me. I have tried stock disc with various pad combo's and the second I hit some back road's I experience excessive brake fade and spongy break pedal, I flushed my break...
  2. Smyg

    Track my Leon Cupra!?

    Hey guys, ordered my 2018 car in April and got a 6-digit number from my local dealer. VW has a tracking page for 8-digit numbers... won't work for Seat :( Can I track this somehow?
  3. LEE69

    New magazine starting up for track and race people

    I see that there is a new magazine starting up which is looking to give away free subscriptions. It covers track and race cars, track tips, tech stuff and circuit guides. Looks like a quality publication and it's based on a free-subscription model. Track Driver incorporating Circuit Driver...
  4. RachIbiza

    track rod ends advice

    hey everyone, i am about to replace another two tyres due to just finding out i need new track rod ends, stupid car, it feels so bad to drive at the moment and i wanted to find out after replacing these and the tyres and then getting the tracking and alignment done, what else should i consider...
  5. Empi5

    Cupracar's New Track Toy

    Well as i seem to be the computer nerd at the moment, this is the addition to the Barmy Army Track Toys: Really good spec 1.9 GTI Piper Cam Piper Vernier Twin Dellorto 45 DHLA's Full stainless system (single box) Quick shift New coil and starter motor Suspension: 309 GTI bottom arms...
  6. Ant FR

    How much track action can a Cupra Tdi handle

    Ok, I;ve done 2 ring visits since buying the Ibiza back in Novemeber, The cupra was bought really to give me some cheap running ( which compared tot he mini its rediculously low running costs) but also so that when i do cruise over to the ring i can do som cheaply ( as i do about 10 visits a...
  7. jonjay

    New Ibiza 1.6TDI CR - Track Grey

    Hi Guys, Getting a new Ibiza 1.6TDI CR. Haven't had much time to do research but anyone here got one? What did you like/not like about it? Also do you think getting ESP and the 17" alloys is a good option or will it ruin the ride somewhat? Finally what are the common problems with the mk5...
  8. Big_daddy

    Help needed Track rods and top mounts

    Im having trouble removing the track rod end from the hub, i removed the nut but still not budging from the hub? any suggestions done a search but nothing :( also im changing the top mount bushes, but im a bit confused, am i missing some thing? :confused: Got it from gsf (as i wanted it...
  9. great_kahn


    Hey all, been on here a few months, but not really had much chance to take photos etc. Took the cupra to a track day at bedford autodrome, utterly amazing fun. Even though it was wet, if anything it made it even more fun. Only real hairy moment was when a caterham did 720 degree spin out in...
  10. NickLCR

    NickLCR's Red LCR225

    Hardly have any photos of it, but thought i'd start a topic now i've actually started to go somehwere with it. So here it is, my 2005 Leon Cupra R :) Current Mods; Neuspeed P-Flo Induction Kit Powerflex DBM Bushes KW V1 Coilovers Alpine iDA - X305 Head Unit Future Plans; Milltek...
  11. Nick2008

    Top gear 1996-clarkson and co ragging kiwi ibizas round a track!

    Dont no how but came across this on youtube-enjoy! :D
  12. What brake pads are you folks running for road or track?

    Pagid, EBC Red, Black Diamond, Ferrodo? Something else? thanks Neil
  13. Remove track rod ends from hub?

    Any ideas how to do this? Used a massive breaker bar to undo the nut but now I can't get the threaded part of the track rod end out of the hub. Even with a metal mallet and by jacking the wishbone up. Any tips? Thanks It's only to change the steering rack gaitor as it's in about 3...
  14. My ibiza cupra ihi track car project

    I thought i would start a thread on my car and the progress i am making with it or the lack of lol. Anyway the car was bought by my friend a few years ago as a non runner, he got it up and running and was using it as a road car, i bought the car off him and have started turning it back into a...
  15. Empi5

    Our New Track Toy - A surprise ?

    Well as some of you have read, we recently sold one of our Pug 205's with a hope of buying a Turbo Car giving us more power etc etc. Well we were offered a Black Skoda Octavia VRS, which ticked all the right boxes, so we did the deal and the Skoda was ours. We were pleasantly surprised, it...
  16. Ant FR

    Want another 130 Tdi sport as track day car

    Ok, been a bit of revelation for me this going back to a diesel. But the weekend showed that the cupra is super capable and that yes a diesel is surprisingly well suited to the nurburgring, in fact very well suited as the boxster S i was pushing round ( until he lost it trying too hard) will...
  17. Jonny95 SXE

    One last Track Day

    Okay, I vowed about 2 years ago never to run a track day in the ibiza again. but recently i have been getting p**sed off eith all the "lotus fairies" going on over here that they have the best cars in the world blah blah blah. SO..... my goal is: one final trackday. drop all of the...
  18. Vlad_TNS

    Ibiza MK4 Matt Orange (ex Track Grey )

    Hello everybody.I'm Vlad.I'm from Romania and this is my Ibiza.It's a 2006 model with the facelift,1.2 l 70 BHP.List of modifications so far: 16" OZ Ultraleggera rims,K&N Air filter,V-MAXX coilover suspention,Dectane tail lights,Leon Cupra gear knob,FR honeycomb grils,Cupra R bumper...
  19. Jedimaster65

    Cupra Track - Day tyre pressures

    Does anyone have any info on whether I should vary my tyre pressures on my 08 Cupra for track-day circuit laps ? :confused: I suspect they might need to be harder than for std road use, but anyone with experience / data on this, - can you help ? Thanks
  20. Cartridge world is back on the track

    Latest emaikl from Cartridge World - they are back!!
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