1. ZBOYD

    BTCC 2009 Media Day news

    Manufacturers'/Constructors' title created An expanded ‘BTCC Manufacturers’/Constructors’ title will be up for grabs in this year’s HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship. Read more at ______ Rider, Goodman for ITV BTCC Steve Rider and Louise Goodman will present ITV’s...
  2. Help, not my day today......gearbox, diff ?????

    as most of you know i bought cupra_matts old 366bhp cupra, and what a nice car it is :) however i had a oil leak from the top of the gearbox today ??? wondering maybe if its the diff bolts that have snapped and come through the box ? no visual damage to the outside of the box so im not...
  3. Cupra Ken

    Finally got car re-mapped what a day!

    After lots of chats about what to go for i ended up going to tts in bedford and getting stage1 revo, when it came to the first road test it blew the intercoller pipe off and they had to fix it on the side of the road :) it doen again so that was more money for some decent samco cause it had...
  4. Empi5

    Pug 1.9 Gti Track Day Cars *** NEW CAR Mi16****

    Well after years of thinking about it , myself and "Nibbles" finally took the plunge and bought a track day car with the hope of now being able to learn how to drive properly ! The little baby we bought is a Peugeot 1.9 GTI and with the help of Nibbles careful eye the deal was done this...
  5. MargheD

    MargheD's Ibiza FR. A few new pics.

    I think it's time to post a few pictures of my babycar, so here's what I've done thus far: Debadged the back Painted the boot "S" in black Changed the aerial from standard into small Calearo Shark Installed M3-Style black rearview mirrors Installed plain (no "S") front central grille...
  6. Damo

    RR results from AMD Essex RR Day 22/02

    Here's the printout for my K03S Ibiza at the RR day at AMD today. Mods as follows......... K03S with 4bar fpr Forge FMIC 3" Z-Ex Downpipe/100cel cat into 2.5" Scorpion exhaust CAI kit Jabbasport remap + boost controller Forge DV007P Forge TIP EVOshield inlet manifold gasket N249...
  7. Neel-Cupra

    My Power Graph from P-torque RR Day!

    Had the car on the rollers at the P-torque rolling road day last saturday and was amazed at the results: 267.4 BHP 241 lb ft Torque :funk: Heres the graph: Car is completely stock so very happy with the results! comments welcome :)
  8. tashacupra

    Track day Tyres. List 1B. Tyre width on 7" rim?

    Hi all, right just ordered some new rims for track fun an now need to sort some tyres for them, i am looking at all the normal list 1B suspects like AO48r, R888, V70A, DZ01J etc but what i am more interested in is what compound are people running or what can you recommend or indeed not recommend...
  9. LCR wheels refurb and colour change! new day pics 20-1-09

    ok so fnally started modfding my LCR after owning it for 2months, fitted new DV today, new front splitter, as my old one is on the M8 somewhere!! the wheels are off refurbed and painted in SEAT TECHNO GREY, wont be to everyones taste but i like them! oh and also fitted my new dynatwist kit...
  10. James_LCR

    Platinum LCR - Project 'OEM +' Thread - Castle Combe Action Day Pics added

    I picked up my 54 plate LCR with 40,000 miles on the clock back in August last year. I had, had more than enough with my old Polo GTi with the gearbox going whist looking at new cars. Since then its had 2 more re-builds from the new owners...Great looking cars, crap gearboxes tho. The...
  11. had car remaped the other day

    had car maped the othr day can any1 tell me wot sort ov power im looking n75 removed cold induction kit miltek exhaust forge dv many thnk
  12. FSiLeonMike

    BTCC Media day, Rockingham, March 19th

    Easy one, who's going? Meet up nearby? Convoy in?
  13. Yay, first day with car and warning lights already :|

    Hi, I just bought a MK1 Leon Cupra on Friday, which despite being MOT'd and serviced by the garage is now presenting warning light 13 Diagnosis/Pollution permanently when the engine is on, and 22 EPC (accelerator pedal fault?) when the ignition is on but goes away when the engine is started...
  14. knight85

    Knight85 's *MK4 Ibiza Tdi FR Luna Gray* Full mod list on page 1!

    got my new FR on monday....even though it was snowing and minus 3!! absolutely love it, although its well dirty already due to gritted roads.... anyway here it is cheers :) Current Mod List Engine/performance P-torque stage 1 remap (177bhp/300lbs/torque)...
  15. CIarkie

    First day back and the Gti fails me (management fault)

    Need a push in the right direction or a thread link on the following fault (i searched with no luck): Have recently fitted a new Cat and front pipe to my ABF mk2 and during this period have removed the air inlet mainfold and all associated vacuum hoses and sensory clips. I have driven the...
  16. fuzzy

    Track day setup

    I have fully adjustable coilovers, uprated arb and pollyflex bushes, what is the best way to set the coilovers up for a track day?
  17. Syphon

    Placing our MK5 Ibiza order any day now

    Going to be ordering our new Ibiza for the wife any day now. Would have loved the sport (well Cupra really!), but with the financial climate the way it is and the PCP being up soon we need to change. She's been happy with her current 1.4 MK4 and enjoyed the drive in the MK5, which despite...
  18. Damoegan

    RS Tuning RR day pics (29/11/08)

    Sorry I didn't take very many pics but it was just far to cold.
  19. ibiza_95

    NOV 29th Rolling road day photos

    Photos from yesterdays rolling road day courtesy of G.Proffitt For hi res versions search flickr for gproffitt87
  20. Damoegan

    Gave her a quick clean for the RS tuning RR day

    Prob a waste of time as it will be filthy by the time I get there but give it a good wash today
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