1. Day running lights on Leon Mark 1

    Hi folk I've been using a microCAN lead with VCDS/VAGCOM to set up my Skoda Octavia mark 2 for various things, including drive away locking, Scandanavian day running lights etc, and I was wondering if there is the same provision in the Leon mark 1? I know I'm going to have to get hold of a...
  2. Robbie C

    Track day tyres

    I'm picking up a set of Seat Sport OZ Super T's over the weekend (Cupra R wheels) which I intend to use purely as track wheels. Question is, which tyres do I go for purely for track use? With a 205/45/16 tyre, I've read that the Toyo R888s aren't a wise move as they're only available in...
  3. benny91

    interesting day with the ibiza

    well, for a start, engine warning light is off again, and has been for a while, so fingers crossed problems been solved next i had the 'common problem' of the boot getting stuck, so this mornings job was climb on inside and grease up the lock mechanism, seems to have solved it :)...
  4. Hows everyones Day been? My Cupra R pics.. Will add more pics on it later

    Just remembered to take a few pics to show off the dark knight. Will take some inside the car later and some shots with abit more colour :) I hope you like the pics... More later
  5. edewer

    A Very sad day :(

    Today is a very sad day for me. After only a year of ownership my Cupra is off to a new home :( It has been by far the best car i've owned, and thankfully its off to a fantastic new home with someone i know will look after it. wOULD RECCOMEND A cupra to anyone and will most definitely own...
  6. Fix some bits day.

    Just gave the Arosa it's yearly service and at last had time to fix the door checkstrap mounting on the A post. No more clonking when opening the door, marvellous. I've taken some photos and may do a " How Too" later if anyone is interested.
  7. Nath.

    The FR is all Fine and dandy

    Well with all the threads on here about dpf's and limp modes and all the other faults. I thought I would post up and say that my FR is running like a dream and has no faults or issues. My wing has been repaired and it looks like new. Fuel consumption is good. No funny noises. Everything works as...
  8. Nutkin

    Bad day for leon :(

    My under tray collapsed scraping all over last ngiht so took it carefuly to my mates garage, jacked it up to find. 1. the support has broken, 2. my aircon doesnt work cause the magnetic clutch has fallen out, so defo new compressor!!! 3. When the under tray broke it hit the aux belt...
  9. First day of rain since buying cupra leads to alarm problems

    Right, bought my 51 plate Cupra about 2 weeks ago and yesterday was the first properly rainy day since then. Problem is that when I got home last night and parked up (with water in the car on the floor front and back by the passenger side doors) the alarm kept going off randomly. In the end I...
  10. s1l3nc3r

    One hell of a day *fmic done with pics*

    Riiight where do i start just finished my fmic only took me 2 days all by myself :whistle: Started it yesterday but had to have it how i wanted which was in the middle and with the inlet and outlet at the bottom no other way was going to do and decided to do it without mesh... The general...
  11. Tdi noise on hot day

    My 2.0 tdi makes a fairly loud tapping and hissing noise when the engine gets up to temperature on a very hot day such as today. Normally this happens when outside temperatures are high twentys. It sounds like this noise comes from underneath the engine and can be best heard from the side of...
  12. gazcuprablk

    my gt30 ibiza cupra,rollcage,bride seats, part time track car new track wheels :)

    right then i been posting on here for a while now about 3 years and thought i might aswel chuck a build thread up so the car is an ibiza mark 3 bought totally standard from a guy in north wales. with 77k on the clock paid 3k for it i used 2 have a black ibiza cupra mark 3 before this...
  13. Suchley

    when first start car for the day i get a air'y / grindy noise

    Had a search but cant find any thing. Right when i first start my car for the day i get a air'y / grindy noise , switch off start again and its gone.. What isit?
  14. adsbluecupra

    negative deviation a day after re map

    had remap done goin great just been out for drive and boost has dropped from 1.3 bar right down to .5 bar could it be standard dv
  15. DannyC87

    Brown Brembos after Track Day

    I have an LCR with ds2500 pads and grooved discs. On its debut track day at Snetterton last friday, the car was amazing and keeping up with cars far superior to it; however, my shiney red front brembos have turned brown! I know this is due to the heat, but wondering if anyone knows if it will...
  16. Ibiza 130 tdi

    Action Day - Castle Combe 25th April 2009

    Some pics from today! Only a few as I took 100's! :lol: Please excuse bad editing in the first pic. Photobucket isnt working right for me and puts spots on my pics that i edit!
  17. should I get some day time running lights fitted ?

    Hi everyone:) I've been thinking lately about whether or not I should get some day time running lights fitted to my car. Has anyone on here who has already done it and where do you guys think the best place to mount them would be? Thank you, Jonny:):)
  18. Ibiza 130 tdi

    TSR Rolling Road Day - 18th April 09

    My pics from the day! Can you guess which car was my fav? :lol: Lotus Elise 1.8t engine transplant: Rashcupra's old Mk2!
  19. RossIBIZATDI

    Is it bad for your car if You've got a heavy load in the car every day

    .. You've got a heavy load in the car every day. For the next couple of weeks I'm taking a few work collegues into work. Average weight is about 13 stone so about 52 stone all together. Got weitec coilovers on. Just wondering if it's doin the shocks or springs any damage or reducing their life...
  20. MrBen2k7

    How do I change the clock?

    Hi.... I did a search, found nothing.... I looked in my owners manual, which is CRAP, it says go to page 2.8... nothing to do with what i wanted! Almost as if the book is not for my car.... when it is... lol Basically i need to know how to change the time of the clock on the dials...
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