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Oct 13, 2005
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Finally if you like the car, want to mot and get it through for peanuts, then you could always pop the bulb for the ABS light out of the back of the panel.

Might be nice to tell who ever you sell it on to though


Thanks for all the advice. I was seriously tempted to offer it up for sale on this site, but thought I would end up virtually giving it away.

As I mentioned back in May when I started the thread, I was planning to get something more appropriate as we are expecting a baby.
I called the dealer I have been talking to, and he offered me £1200 for the car - WITHOUT an MOT.

Needless to say i have bitten his hand off.

It's a sad sad day, but the lovely white Ibiza is off the road, and I wont be driving it again :(

I guess the next time I buy a 'fun' car I will be going through my mid-life crisis!! Beats knobbing the Au Pair i guess ;)
Feb 14, 2020
Hey All,

Seat Ibiza owner 10 years old...
All warning lights and speed gauge dropped out.

I thought I would just put a comment on here as one of the comments saved me £££, even though I still ended up paying some £. Basically my ABS light kept coming on and my speed gauge dropped out, looked online and it seemed common for Seat Ibiza ABS to go and garage said the same paid £230 for new abs, fitting and it to be re collaborated. It seemed to fix the problem temporarily a few weeks down the line it was back again but I noticed it would drop out on bumps etc then I had All warning lights on but car drive fine, sometimes pulled when the ABS light was on. I took it to another garage they couldnt see any problems, but could see it dropping out.
Finally saw a comment about the wires, Dad came round lifted the bonnet and there the wires from the fuse box sit against a tube, they all had all rubbed away and snapped. Dad replaced them and guess what no warning lights! Been driving me crazy for 3-4 months. I have attached a picture, as u presume this must be common as the wires are just left to sit against the tube.
I hope this helps and stops ppl replacing the ABS like I did


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