1. markmeus

    Lighting How to fit a W8 light in the Mk5 Ibiza

    What is it? The W8 light is an interior dome light that was fitted to the Passat W8 and some other VAG models. The main advantage it offers is backlit buttons, and ambient red LEDs that shine on the centre console, nice for adding a bit of class to the Ibiza. The W8 light contains 4 W5W bulbs...
  2. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33703.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca lit door sill guard
  3. The_new_CUPRA_Ateca--33696.jpg


    2020 CUPRA Ateca puddle light from mirror showing the CUPRA logo
  4. Ion

    Lights warning

    Hello friends) do anybody faced withe the lights warning indicatiin on dash? How it can be fixed?
  5. Any nearby Vcds in Wiltshire

    Hi I’m from Chippenham, Wiltshire and seeing if anyone has a vcds I could use to reset my airbag light would be great help as I have my mot next month. Many thanks.
  6. jacko5

    My Seat Leon SC FR 2014 fog light bulbs ..

    Looking to replace the front fog light bulbs on the above car. I have looked around and seen 2 fitting for the bulbs. H3 and H8 can anyone tell me which bulb i need. Want to get it right first time as they are a pain to do. Looking at these...
  7. Light strip not turning red in sport mode

    Hi guys, Just bought a Leon FR DSG and am wondering if the light strips are supposed to turn red whenever you go to sport mode? When I select it from the console, they do go red, but when I nudge the stick down into sport, they stay white, though the gears display S4 or whatever. So it does go...
  8. Jade

    LED lights in reg plate blowing fuse!

    Hi, I am new to cars and don't know all that much I am trying to learn as quick as I can but struggling with this one....sorry if it is a daft question! I have tried to put LED reg plate lights in my ibiza Fr 6j (13plate) and they keep blowing the fuse (5 amp mini blade) I have replaced the fuse...
  9. oil light on really faint.

    when i start my car up its recently started to do the warning beep but i couldnt see anything on the dash. today i noticed the engine oil light on REALLY faint in orange. Im going to put some oil in tomorrow but have no idea what has been used previously. any suggestions? also any reason...
  10. tackleberry83

    Traction control light

    As said above I have a fault on my '08 FR TDi where the traction control turns itself off after 10 mins. The car doesn't even have to move and the light comes on?? Any ideas??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. engine light on `

    hi left the ibiza parked up for last 2 days and now when i start it the engine light comes on plus the car is shuddering badly. also there is loss of power when setting off. anyone know what it is or can recommend a place in sheffield to look at it
  12. Reverse light

    Does the ibiza have 2 reverse lights as mine is 2 weeks old and i only appear to have one working so either one bulb has gone already or do they only come with one?
  13. shox

    Emission & EPC Light on

    Hello everyone, i getting crazy with this problem, so i wanted to ask before i head to the stealers. For the past 2 months i have been having an issue with my emission control light. This is whats happening: After driving for a while, if i press the clutch down and the rpms go on idle, the...
  14. Traction control light

    Hi, I have searched and found a few threads regarding the traction control light staying on but haven't seen exactly what happened to mine. Basically I was driving quite hard yesterday night and all of a sudden the engine lost all power for a second and then again kept going off and coming...
  15. oil light flickering and engine jumpy on new car!! please help!!

    on 1.9tdi, 2002, 110 any ideas??
  16. DPF light

    I was driving in my 1.6 CR TDI and the DPF light illuminated for the first time. It went off after about 2 minutes and it hasn't come back on since. It this normal?
  17. Dave_88

    Oil Light??

    Was wondering if anyone else has an oil light that works on their mk2? Mines the tdi 140 sport and a couple of times when ive checked the dipstick its been bone dry and a light hasnt even come on on the dash? :confused: I no you shouldnt rely on a light but it also acts as a good indicator for...
  18. Engine Management Light - Cat?

    Hi All, Hope you can help. Had the Engine management light pop on and off a couple of times, RAC Came out and said it looks like the lambda or cat but i should take it for a full diagnostics to narrow down the problem. I had my downpipe and Cat changed about 16 months ago (still under...
  19. service light reset

    Does anyone know how to reset the service light on the new ibiza, don't want to go to the main dealer to pay £10000000.00000000000.0000000000.000000000 to do a 4 second reset.
  20. Handbrake light flashing with 3 beeps on my Leon Cupra R 225?

    Hello I have a 2004 Leon Cupra R 225. The handbrake light has started flashing randomly with 3 beeps. It seems to do it when i go around a bend or touch the brakes. I have checked the brake fluid and it seems ok! I also have a problem with the clutch. When you 1st push the clutch...
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