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  1. rabe187

    Air Bag warning light won't go away

    a few days back my air bag sensor lit up and stayed on after the whole system check, i even took it to the dealership this morning and they scanned the fault and removed it, and a few hours later its back. what could be causing this? much appreciated...
  2. Sam221

    3 beeps, TC light on and ABS light with red warning symbol

    hi guys, just dropped someone home, its mega icy out and the abs kicked in once or twice whilst braking. but after setting off from a set of lights i had 3 beeps, the red warning symbol come up along with ABS and and the TC warning symbol. Is it just low brake fluid or something more serious ? I...
  3. Non-starter: The battery light stays on then the oil light flashes and beeps??

    Ive got a problem with my SEAT IBZIA the car was turning over but not sparking into life. The battery light stays on then the oil light flashes and beeps??
  4. woody1986

    airbag warning light vagcom cant clear

    Did some work on the car the other day and found that airbag light was unplugged, low and behold plugged it in and it was on constantly. so plugged into vagcom and got this error 00588-airbag igniiter driver side (n95) 32-00-resistance too high tried to clear it and it worked for 1sec...
  5. Engine management light MK2 FR TDi

    Hi there, the engine management light has come on on my 07 FR Tdi Leon (40,000mls) What's the prime suspect - Lambda sensor? It seems a little lumpy especially when coming onto boost - might be imagining this. It's booked in next week but what's the prognosis? Thanks Steve
  6. Warning light flashing next to temp guage

    Hi, I have the red warning light coming on (with 3 beeps) when I start the car - the light continues flashing also. This is the light next to the temperature guage. I think it might be to warn that the radiator is low? Can anyone confirm and also advise what I can top it up with...
  7. cupra-gaz

    no engine management light

    Hi all, recently bought a mk3 ibiza cupra and have become aware the engine management light is supposed to light up when ignition is on, which mine does not. firstly i checked the fuses, then dismantled the dash as i was expecting a bulb missing only to find tiny leds. the car is completely...
  8. ENGINE LIGHT on Dash

    This came on while driving tonight. Cars still seems to drive/pull ok. Is there anything that I should really worry about, as I cant image I can get it seen to this side of the New Year ?
  9. Mylo

    abs light stuck on

    quick question. After sever hours driving in the snow and then eventually getting stuck my ABS light is stuck on. Is this just because of the amount of snow and ice or car wheel spinning for ages cause a problem. Temperatures are still way below zero so the car is not moving again until...
  10. Can someone give me a quick answer as to what this light means

    Hi All, Can someone just give me a quick answer as to what this means? When I got in the car this evening I had a yellow steering wheel light come on with an exclamation mark next to it. It was minus 3 at the time and the steering felt very heavy at times. I'm assuming it's power steering...
  11. wayne lcr

    how to turn the service light off?

    just seviced me own car does any 1 no how to turn the service light off by any chance.or does it need to be plug in and done with a scanner?
  12. hazzard light button

    this is gonna sound stupid but can anyone tell me does the hazzard light button lights up even the car is turned off and locked with all the swtiches turned off?? i actually never noticed this before tho most of the time the flip out tv blocks the view of the button. thanks
  13. Light come on dash please help

    I have a 2004 FR TDI, done 89,000 miles and it is due an oil and filter service. Light came on yesterday lunch time in the rev limiter part of the dash it flashes every second and is like half a coiled spring on it's side... is it glowplug warning light?
  14. benuk

    Very Very weird tail light problem.. please help!

    Ok so this all started when I noticed my drivers front sidelight and passenger side taillight (on body not boot) were out today.. no problem I thought and got new bulbs. Both fitted, drivers front sidelight worked fine. However on the first light setting the passenger side tail light on the body...
  15. '06 1.4 emission control light after a long run

    My son's got a bit of a strange one with his '06 1.4 - the emissions control light (yellow engine symbol) comes on and it's a bit erratic at low revs (makes pulling out of junctions a bugger!) but it's only done it twice and both time after a long motorway run. Here's the bit that makes it...
  16. seat ibiza abs light

    abs light does not come on when placing key in and failed mot
  17. light come on dash oh no help

    hi guys a light come on dash temperature red one. could it be a possible coolant temp sensor . or anything big any help will be great. i asked tommy and he said he as only ever had this when he burst a pipe. can any shed any light please guys as iv only just got this . many thanks dave
  18. cupra-8v

    ABS light

    hi, i have a 2.0l 8v cupra n the abs light goes on n off intermitantly, i know there are two sensors at the front n im guessing it could just be a loose connection. However earlier on (whilst the abs light was off) i was braking in this lovely english weather and it felt like the abs kicked in...
  19. Fog light problem

    My foglights are on permenantly even when my main lights are off any help please. or does any one know how to remove headlight switch
  20. BlackLeon

    Excess polution/diagnosis light

    I've used the search! Ha I have my Vag-Com cable in the post but to ease my mind could anyone shed some light on my symptoms? Had the light on for over a week now and only now have I started to notice anything different to the drive. Still drives fine and (I dont think) I have any changes...
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