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  1. Snowsurfer

    57' Cupra engine management light due to revo ?

    Hi, Im after a little advice. Since having a stage 1 revo on my cupra if im really giving it some beans and into the red my engine management light flashes. Its happened a few times but today flashed a few times and has now come on and stayed on. Do i need to take it back to the dealers to...
  2. Emission Dash light on (safe to drive?)

    Today the Emission control system light has come on. The manual says : It then goes on to say reduce speed and drive carefully to a qualified workshop. So am I ok to keep driving as it's going for it's MOT on Monday, and when it was serviced the dude said it'll more than likely need a...
  3. Dash Warning Light ON - Emission Control System ?

    Noticed the light lit up on the way home from work today. The light is on solid, and isnt flashing, and hasnt gone out... If it relates to emissions (?), should it be safe to carry on driving the car, as phoning the Dealer where I bought the car (8 months ago), they cant fit me in until next...
  4. Centre brake light

    Ive done a search and i cant find anything ... My centre brake light has stopped working. Can someone help me please? The other 2 brake lights work. :( Thanks
  5. 1.9...stefan

    Handbrake Light Flashing with 3 beeps??

    right i have done a serch to no avail... Yesterday I had my rear discs and pads changed... when i picked the car up he said the handbrake light was flashing and beeping, once i got in the car it stopped, so (as i no the garage very well) i told them that if i had any more problems with it id...
  6. Third brake light is it a pain to change?

    Any pointers or links to any guides would be appreciated :o) ?
  7. Fog light ducting for intake

    I need some high quality ducting, as I will be removing one of my fog lights, and using it to fee extra cool air to my ITG! Does anyone know where or any links that they sell high quality and durable ducting? Cheers.
  8. HELP!! URGENT EPC Light problem

    I hve a Seat Leon 52 plate I have had an EPC light problem for about 8 months, first diagnosed with throttle body problem, stealership said up to £600 I said no, local garage my grandad works at got a new one and fitted, light back on after 2 months. when the light used to be on i...
  9. EPS light on after engine making a funny noise!

    I bought a seat ibiza in January and it cost me over £500 to service it! When I got it back the engine started making a constant noise as if I were needing to go up a gear, but even after changing gear its still very noisy! Then the car decided that on ocassion it wont start, it just chugs...
  10. davetherave

    ESP light on

    Hi all Recent had the ESP light on dash and cant get rid. Read on some of the threads its in relation to ABS sensor, however, the ABS is working fine. Any ideas? Cheers
  11. toledo tcs/esp light flickering and battery drain

    i've got a toledo (02 plate). a few months back the original (i presume) battery died in the cold. i changed it and ever since i noticed the tcs/esp light flickering slightly even when the key was out of the ignition. its now drained a brand new battery flat twice! taken it to my local garage...
  12. Auto Light's don't work - Am I being stupid?

    My new 2009 cupra has auto lights, i've turned the light selector dial to 'Auto' but they never come on at all. I'm currently using the manual options. It's going back to to dealer on tuesday for something else and they are going to have a look for me. Anyone know where the sensor is?
  13. Andy_J

    Brake Light Failure

    54 plate LCR... I seem to have lost my brake lights. I've tried replacing the bulbs, only the sidelights work but not the brakes. Also checked the fuse, swapped it over with the reverse light and it stayed on with both fuses. Spoiler light is out too, would that cause them to fail? What...
  14. Esp light on the dash, but no snapped wire.

    my esp light has been on most of this week and wont go out, had the ecu reset but automatically lights up on start up. searched the forum and read about common problem of the wire snapping, went and checked mine, not snapped. i also see alot of ppl say there light only came on after 10...
  15. Willie

    Light weight/race battery

    I'm looking into fitting the above and have seen some specs for just replacing the OEM battery with all the OEM bits still fitted, I'll be fitting this in the OEM position. I would presume the starter is the hardest thing on the battery, has it to be solely based on this which battery you get...
  16. mick-fr

    Rear Light Bulb

    Hello all, Just noticed one of my Bootlid Tail Bulbs are out. Can anyone point me in the direction as to which kind of bulb it is? I should have time to get down to Halfrauds tonight hopefully, then the task of fitting it :lol: Thanks
  17. steslatt

    handbreak light flashing and bleep???

    I was driving to work this morning and my handbreak light flashed a couple of times and and bleeped. What does this mean?
  18. Craigus

    LCR door light problem

    A while ago i noticed that when i opened the drivers door, the courtesy light on the actual door its self would flicker then switch off completely when the door was opened. Now the light has stopped working full stop in the drivers side, when the doors are opened. So i thaught ah must be...
  19. Airbag Light - seat sensor

    Hi All Thers is an airbag light staying on in my 2000 Leon.My Mechanic ran a diagnosic and discovered its becuase of the drivers seat side airbag sensor. What are these like to replace , will the whole airbag have to come out ? I'm looking at the least expensive option at this stage ...
  20. peterol light?

    hi all i have a lc 1.8t 180 my peterol light has come on i was wondering how many miles u get when this is on and if i was to find out and run the tank dry would that be a bad idea?
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