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  1. Light cloth interior detail - e46 318 BMW

    Something a little different for you this time.. e46 BMW 318 – Interior Detail – Light grey upholstery Car in question: The owner had seen images of a previous e46 that I had worked on.. Leaving it looking something like this: This one however was in a little worse...
  2. Engine Management light ... Oxygen Sensor ?

    My Engine Management light turned on and from the RAC they said it is the oxygen sensor... got a quote from a local seat garage and they said it would cost me £400. What would you guys recommend, i think £400 seems to expensive for just a sensor ?
  3. how do I reset air bag light???

    Guys, while i was taking out the drivers seat i mistakenly left the ignition on when disconnecting the air bag plug under the seat. As a result the warning airbag light is on. I have discounted the battery to reset, but light stays on after re-connecting. Any ideas ? how to...
  4. esp traction control light staying on

    hi newby here i have bought a seat leon 20v turbo 2000 year w reg and was wondering if ne one nos how to fix this problem im havin when i start to drive the car the esp light comes on the dash and hold the car back and the light only switches off when u turn the engine off then back on ne help...
  5. cupra tdi coil light??

    Hey, i know that you have to wait for the coils on the dash to go out before you start the engine when its cold. but does anyone know what it means when it starts flashing at you whilst your driving down the road?? mine started doing it last night. obviously i took it straight home n thought...
  6. robertj

    Condensation in 3rd brake light!

    Just noticed this yesterday. Before I start pulling things apart I thought I'd ask on here whether anyone else has had this condensation problem and managed to solve it. I guess if it's not sorted the bulbs will start failing as corrosion sets in?
  7. Oil Light Cutting Out

    I've just drove up to my house left the car outside ideling because I was only grabbing some stuff plus no spaces in street. Anyways as I went to pull away the car cut out after the oil light flashed 3 times. I've put a litre of oil back in and it was fine but I'm just wondering if anyone would...
  8. Electrical - Light in Boot

    Hi Everyone, Hopefully the title makes a tiny bit of sense. The light in the boot has become temperamental. Its not the bulb or as far as i can tell the wiring, but more likely the switch. The problem is I cannot find where the switch is for the boot light, ie with the boot open, the...
  9. Grat

    Brake sensor light on dash

    Hey folks recently just upgraded my front and rear brakes but now because ibhave unpluged the sensor in the front pad seen as the ds2500s don't have a conector in I have the warning light on. In just wondering can you get something to plug in to that to turn the light off? Cheers
  10. Side light bulbs

    :confused:How the bloody hell do you change them?
  11. air bag light

    my 1996 2.0 gti air bag light is on all the time any idea how to turn it off ??
  12. airbag light

    alright guys, the other day my dials were playing up the needles kept flickering so i took the dials out unplugged them then plugged them back in, WITHOUT taking steering wheel off, put them all back in and now the airbag light has come on, now i didnt remove the steering wheel but did take the...
  13. Engine management light- Code 01056

    Hi, my car (57plate leon FR TFSI) had the error code 01056.... my specialist said the message was - CHARGE COMPENSATING PRESSURE. I looked it up on Ross tech and it said: 01056 function: Equalizing charge. Any other Mk2 owners got this message before? What do you guys get when you type in...
  14. Code 01056 .... engine management light on

    Hi, my car (57plate leon FR TFSI) had the error code 01056.... my specialist said the message was - CHARGE COMPENSATING PRESSURE. I looked it up on Ross tech and it said: 01056 function: Equalizing charge. what do other people get? anyone know what it is and what could be causing/...
  15. Reverse light....

    Hi All, It seems my reverse light has packed up working...checked the obvious like fuses and bulb...all OK.Any ideas where to look next.....???? Thanks....all input welcome.
  16. Brummy

    rear light cluster

    Ive given up trying to remove it before I slice my hand off. got the two screws no bother, can wiggle the cluster about, but can I shift if off the two inner clips? can I buggery!! looks like Ive been self-harming, as Ive several red weals across my wrist and a few small cuts.. Im calling it a...
  17. Scott-o

    Interior and boot LED light bulbs

    Anyone have an idea what bulbs i need? Got led fuse type bulbs in my number plate lights but the interior and boot ones are longer are they not? Anyone able to help? Cheers, Scott
  18. Power Steering Light

    When I start my car the power steering light will light up and make the steering heavy, if i turn off the ignition and turn it on again it goes away. Does anybody have any suggestions what this could be? It's a 03 plate 1.9tdi Ibiza SE in case that makes a difference. Cheers for any help offered.
  19. head light tinting

    has anybody managed to tint there plastic head light covers on there cupra yet and if so what spray and where to buy or any picsof your handy work
  20. Temperature warning light

    I recently bought a 2006 leon tdi and since I got it it has been the garage 2 times with a problem with temperature warning light. When I was driving the car the warning sounded and light came on I stopped and checked the coolant level and it was showing as empty and when I checked about half...
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