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  1. airbag light?

    hi had the airbag warning light come on on the speedo last week but also the "airbag off" light above the radio flashes for approx 10 mins then goes off again but not every time! ive searched the forum but none of them mention anything about the "airbag off" light flashing? does this mean...
  2. glow plug light!

    I have a 2007 seat leon 1.9 tdi 105 and the glow plug light has come on and the car seems o be running in limp mode. I take it this is a faulty glow plug? My old toledo put the glow plug light on because of a faulty brake light switch but this is ok in the leon.(i think!!!) Also yhe airbag...
  3. mick-fr

    Changing brake light switch!

    Hi, Could anyone tell me how to change the brake light switch? I have the panel and old switch out, but when I put the new switch in the lights dont work? Any help would be good! Thanks
  4. Stark

    Door light!

    Can any of you guys tell me where the drivers door light (the red and clear one on the door panel) is switched on from. The bulb is fine and all 3 other doors are ok but it has stopped working. The main interior light also doesnt work when the drivers door is opened but its fine with the other...
  5. mick-fr

    TCS, ABS and Handbrake Light...

    Hi all, Tonight, started the car no problem, moved about 2 feet and the ABS and TCS lights come on and Handbrake light start to flash on the dash, followed by a few beeps. I stopped, turned the car off and on again and the lights had all gone off. The other day, I got out the car and noticed...
  6. Battery Light

    Hi all I have 2005 1.9 Altea Diesel, i was driving it yesterday and the battery light came on for about 4 seconds, then the headlights dipped for a few seconds then came back on :( Strange as its been okay ever since but im sure i have not seen the last of this problem. I checked for...
  7. Airbag Warning Light..

    I drive a 2003 Ibiza 1.2s 12v and after fitting a sony xplod headunit i noticed after about three days i lost power to the headunit and my airbag warning light came on and I have taken it to a car audio specialist who said that when the headunit was fitted a wire got trapped underneath it and...
  8. McCann87

    £170 For Service, M.O.T, Fix My Washers & Clearing Airbag Light

    Not too shabby if i dont say so myself! :funk::D Think i will get the Oil Temp & Turbo Boost Gauges fitted this month with the spare cash i have :)
  9. MrNorma

    Brake light fault but not pedal switch...

    I have had a brake light problem for the past week. Top light stays on dim but gets bright when peddle is pressed, other two do nothing. Traction control light is on all the time. Vag Com error was 00526 Brake Light Switch (f) 011 Open Circuit I have since removed and replaced the...
  10. Oil light and beep intermitant when sharp cornering!

    Hi, driving home tonight and as I gave it some around a roundabout the oil light came on for around 5 seconds with a few beeps! Never done this before and I put half a liter of oil in two weeks ago. Anyone else had this?! Cheers
  11. HELP, ESP light constantly on

    can anyone inlighten me for the last 3 days the ESP light has been on constantly i had my clutch and dual mass flywheel change cause the one in place broke sence then after about 3 hours driving the light came on and now wont go off.
  12. misfire, engine management light

    Evening guys, was driving my remapped mk1 Leon 150 tdi at around 60mph in 6th gear when suddenly the engine died. Within a second it revved back up. It did this several times untill the engine just died and the car juddered to a stop. Whilst this was going on the dashboard lights was like...
  13. Power Bluetooth Mirror Via Car Interior Light

    Hi I have just purchased a Bluetooth Rear View Mirror (Handsfree Device). It came with a cigeratte lighter charger But I would like to permanently power this device so I do not havce to charge it all the time. can I do this via the Car interior light just above the rear view mirror. Any...
  14. Airbag light turned off

    Hi guys, I need to get my airbag light turned off but don't want to go to seat. Does any one no where I can't take the car in Essex area and ruffly how much it will cost? If any one can help that would be a great help.
  15. Twin head light question

    I have atwin headlight conversion on a cordoba but one of the headlight lenses is smashed. I know nothing about these so can someone recommend if replacement parts be sourced individually or should the whole lot just be binned ? cheers Mark
  16. Oil switch cause flashing oil light and 3 beeps?

    hi, ive had a new oil pump, filter, oil, gasket, and soon an oil switch to try and rectify a fault where the top of the engine was not getting oil, understandably the engine taps slightly due to wear when no oil their when i bought it. intermittantly the light goes out and beeps stop, but it is...
  17. Brake light HELP!!

    Hi, My brake lights have started coming on late at night and then are on until you press the pedal. I'm not sure if its the temperature but I'm worried the battery will start to go flat now!! Anyone shed any light on?? Thanks Guy
  18. Fog light trouble

    Hi all, Im just after a bit of advise please about my fogs I noticed water/condensation in one of them a few months ago. I was hoping it would dry itself out but it hasn’t I suppose the weather hasn’t help really, so was wondering how am I best sorting it out and do you rec it will be physically...
  19. 2009 Seat Leon front fog light lamps

    does anyone know what lamps I need for my front fog lights. The 2009 model fog light lamp is different from the 2006 model as I ordered H3's but they don't fit.
  20. just bought a leon, warning light illuminates on oil and beeps 3 times?

    hi i just bought a 2001 leon 1.6 16v, on startup the oil indication light illuminates and the car beeps 3 times, once the beeps have stopped the ligh continues to flash constantly. i have read in the manual that this car should not be driven, their appears to be plenty of oil and the car drives...
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