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  1. coops10

    EML light was on, now its not. But I didn't change anything!

    Ok when the light first came on i had the code read by Jamie Bennett, thanks! Here was the codes: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ VAG-COM Version: Release 311.2-N Control Module Part Number: 1ML 906 032 Component and/or Version...
  2. sambryant

    what rear light do you like most.

    hi all, i got some smoked out lights and i not sure what i like most, so with all your help i might make the right choice. just to let u no i did clean the car after the pics were taken :D pic 1 standard lights pic 2 smoked lights so what do you guys think!!!
  3. duncan24

    fr tdi 170 emmision light and miss fire

    hello, i bought a leon fr tdi 170 on a 56 plate 3 month ago with 35k on the clock and i have been having problems, last week it developed a slight miss fire in 3rd around 1800rpm and cut out once when stopped at a roundabout, a couple of days later the exhaust emmission light came then the dpf...
  4. slim20vt

    Ibiza interior light problem

    The bulb inside my wife s 06 plate Ibiza sport keeps blowing ! The one in the boot works fine ! But when I change the front one it's last like 24hrs then it blows it! I've checked it's the right 10 w bulb! But what could be doing this? Central locking and alarm are fine? Any ideas anyone...
  5. Vibration on light corning to the left only!

    I'm on the motor way every day and i am gettinga strong vibration when the road pulls to the left. Going straight its fine, going to the right its fine... but if the round goes to the left then i geta strong vibration. Its not really through the S. wheel so much as through the body. I would...
  6. Interior Light Fuse

    Hi can someone direct me were to find the interior light fuse a pic would be very helpful cheers lads:):):) red leon 2.0tdi dsg btcc
  7. engine light

    hi. as thick as i am, i put 1 of them hks ssqv on yesterday but dint think much ov it. so now put my 007 back on, and now the engine managment light is on. is this because of the hks? if so will it go back off??:confused: cheers ash
  8. Air bag light

    HI recently i installed a new stereo system with amp and every thing... i had removed the glove box for the installation, but the air bag light doesn't come off with every switch of the ignition after 2 seconds it comes on again. any thoughts?
  9. el_toledo_150

    Left Hand Brake Light Intermittent Faults

    I have an 04 Toledo TDI Sport 150 which has a fault just with the left hand brake light. The left light will only come on when I tap the light cluster. When I de-press the pedal and then press it again the light is lost again. Don't know if this is the brake light switch cos it's only one...
  10. DaNnY_LaD

    Airbag light (LCR)

    Righto this is the last thing i need to sort is the airbag light, ive vagcom'd it and its come up with this... Fault code: 00589 - Airbag Igniter; Passenger Side (N131) 00589 - Airbag Igniter; Passenger Side (N131): Resistance too High 00589 - Airbag Igniter; Passenger Side (N131): Upper...
  11. plastic cover behind signal and side light

    I dropped the plastic clip that holds the plastic cover behind the passenger left turn signal light and sidelight, after changing the sidelight. Is the plastic cover needed and ok for it to be off for now until i find or get a new metal clip?
  12. replace license plate frame light

    Hi All, I'm having a problem removing the license plate frame light. Want to replace that for a white LED. I cannot get it out though. I tried with a screwdriver between the sided but still won't come loose. I noticed on one of the small sides there is some room between the bumper frame and...
  13. Dan1.6

    Light alignment

    Well my light aligment is out of wack for some reason what is the best way to solve this? how would i go about identifying the problem? is there any regualtion it should be sat at? what is the best way to check it? Cheers Dan
  14. rocky2008

    oil light on trip meter

    does anyone know how to turn the word oil off that comes on when your car is due a oil change? without using vagcom...just the same way you turn the service message off i guess but ive forgotten how too lol :(
  15. Rear light tint

    LaminX gunsmoke tint film...good idea for rear lights or not? Would they stil be road legal?
  16. psycho6285

    Light throttle in Traffic

    Hi Im having a problem when sat in traffic. the cars warm, but in slow moving traffic it seems very jumpy. I try to be as light as humanly possible on the throttle but still seems to be jumpy Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. dervpower

    Power Steering light

    Just driving into work this morning, then without warning the power steering light came on, thought it may just be a faulty sensor as the steering felt fine. However when I got into town the steering did feel heavy. Not had chance to look under the bonnet but at a guess i'd go with either...
  18. Flashing Red Light

    Hi all, Need some advice/help please. Started car (Ibiza Cupra 2002) this morning and having driven 100 yards the red light on the temperature guage started flashing accompanied by several beeps. Switched the engine off and on again and it hasnt come back on! Anyone got any ideas potentially...
  19. Engine Management Light

    EML is currently turned on because i dont have a resistor in the SAI sensor, Where is the best place to get a resistor from? its definatle 330ohm 10w isnt it?
  20. lcrb

    Temp warning light and buzzer!!!!????

    Need some help guys , in these cold morning temp warning light and buzzer comes on run the car while I'm scraping the windows jump back in turn off and start back up and all is fine. I have the proper amount of genuine coolant in so cant see why this is happening. Any help much appreciated
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