Airbag light issue


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May 29, 2010
Hi All,

After 8 pretty faultless years my Mk1 Leon Cupra cant get through its MOT as the airbag light is on.

I have had water ingress in the car which the garage diagnosed as having fried the Airbag module.

I have therefore bought, and they fitted, a brand new airbag module off eBay but this hasnt cured the problem. Unfortunately his electrician has dissipated on the Mongolian rally for 2 months and he is stuck as what to do.

I popped in and plugged in my laptop with VCDS Lite and cleared the Airbag Module Intermittent fault but can see the below errors for the crash sensors.

01222 for the Passenger Side and 01221 which I'm guessing is drivers side.



Does anyone know if this is a problem with the module needing coding or is replacing the sensors more likely to resolve it bearing in mind the passenger side at least will have been under water at one point?

I dont want to sell / scrap the car just yet but I'm going to have to replace it soon anyway with the ULEZ extension so dont want to keep throwing their time / my money at it. Any help will be really appreciated.

The garage is in the Clapham / Brixton area of London if anyone with full VCDS thinks they might be able to sort the issue out. Happy to reimburse for time spent.

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