Al's 2010 (60 plate) Speed Blue Revo Stage 2+ Leon Cupra - Moved on to a new home :-)


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Aug 29, 2005
Hard to believe, but thats me had my fun with Blue Bess. Bought on 1st September 2010 and sold on 11th May 2013. The new owner is on here and I trust he will look after her.

The spec of the car when I had it was;

Detail: MY11 Leon Cupra
Options: Speed Blue Paint, Tech Pack, Black Wheels, Aero Skirts, Aero Spoiler, Mud Flaps
Additions: LCR Rear Diffuser, Milltek LCR Exhaust, KW V3 Coilovers, LED Sidelights
Modifications: Black wrapped front bumper lip. Removed front CUPRA badge. Switched off cornering fogs and DRL's.

I am quite fortunate in that I had 3 sets of wheels and luckily no 19's with elastic band rubber;

White with summer tyres


Black with winter tyres

Lightweight wheels with 888's

I loved the RNS Unit with the phone, nav, SD slot, DAB etc, and the front and rear parking sensors are ace.

Having had a pre facelift 2007 Leon Cupra, the differences on the facelift I liked were;
Centre part of the dash is no longer a slab of plastic.
Issues with folding mirrors seem to have gone and so far no gremlins on the Xenons either.
Flat bottom steering wheel is quite cool.
Suits the diffuser very nicely.

Things I prefer on the pre facelift;
Front bumper and overall appearance with the fish fin spoiler and bigger skirts.
Numbers on the dials.
The centre part of the steering wheel looks better on the older model.
The cruise control works better on the pre facelift - one tap on the button moves speed 1mph.

Things not to believe about features on the facelift over the pre facelift:
The XDS electronic diff - don't even think of it as some sort of wonder mod. The facelift is no better in the bends than the pre facelift car.

My hand was forced in to selling the old car, so when I was looking around, I found a garage who offered a great deal on the old car so I literally drove the length of the country to trade it against this, which was the cheapest spanking new LC I could find anywhere. Shame no garages up this way are that competitive - I am not the only one willing to drive 500 miles twice to save several grand it seems.

Why a Cupra though, and not a Cupra R? Long story short, I would have bought an LCR as a natural progression, but as the Cupra and Cupra R are all but the same save for 19's and leather - neither of which I like - plus the spolier and diffuser I added anyway, I figured it would be best to save £5k and have the Cupra. £25k is S3/RS money - which I refuse to spend on something inferior (sorry but it is).

I would buy another MK2 Leon Cupra one if it came up cheap enough as I still have a huge stash of go faster bits sitting idle that came off the old car, and I would strip it and turn it in to a track car. I saw a MK2 Leon Cupra for under £5k with almost 100k on the clock just recently, so they are gettig to the price it could be done. Not sure I would do the whole big/hybrid turbo thing on it though as the achilles heel on these with high power is traction, especially on a wet day.

Not sure I want another SEAT as a daily after this - this is my fourth SEAT, the others being a 2000 Leon 1.6S (genuinely the best one of all as it almost never had/has problems), a 2004 Toledo 1.8T Sport and the previous car being a 2007 Leon Cupra. I guess it depends what SEAT dish up with the MK3 - however, I fancy more cc and more turbo's next :). However I am going to keep an eye out for Leon FR DSG's ready for an LSD and CDL engine with uprated internals and turbo for some track fun ;)

Car spec;

Service History
10k and 20k services completed. Oil and filter changes done every 3000 miles. Gear oil changed every 10,000 miles.

01/09/2010 - 60 plate

Mileage as sold - 26100 miles

Modifications fitted during my ownership
Engine Modifications;
EVOMS Intake
Secondary Air Feed
Pro Alloy Intercooler
Air Conditioning Removed
Milltek Turbo Back Exhaust
BSH Engine Mounts
APR Fuel Pump
New gen PCV
RS4 Fuel Pressure Regulating Valve
Lightweight battery
KW V3 Suspension
Uprated Gearbox Mount
Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential
Southbend Clutch Kit and Single Mass Flywheel
Lightweight racing battery
Extended engine undertray and Bluemotion under chassis aero panels
Neuspeed Boost Hose from turbo to intercooler
BSH Throttlebody pipe
Forge Shortshifter

I also had an S3 (alloy ended) intercooler on the car, S3 (alloy ended) intercooler with a Forge Twintercooler before I fitted the Pro Alloy intercooler which in my opinion, is the dogs bollox.

Overall, this is the best car I have ever owned. It never once let me down. I am actually a bit upset that it has gone and I will definitely miss it. It was a head turner and upset quite a few people.
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Aug 29, 2005
Car and wheels, both white and black should be getting a clean in the next couple of days! No snow = possibility of re-fitting the white ones!
Aug 8, 2010
Lol show n shine winner right there! In stuck between the mk2 cupras and mk5 gti! Drove my best mates k04d gti a few times and it really is an awesome drive! Hope the cupra is the same if i go for one


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Aug 29, 2005
The Golf GTi has a better overall interior than the Leon, Cupra has (much) better Seat's and brakes, and more power out the box and when tuned. If you go for a Golf, get an Ed30 or a Pirelli fitted with DSG, but bank on spending big bucks to get that.

Car is nae clean just noo - plan to get some good photos once clean and I have the camera with me :)


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Sep 28, 2009
Very nice looking Cupra Al I've done the same sort of exterior black alloy's would love the Cupra R style spoiler but was quoted by my local dealer at £500 for the part, painted and fitted
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