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Android Auto in Cupra stops working periodically

Oct 18, 2019
Hi guys,

Do any of you have experience with Android Auto being unstable on a somewhat periodic basis? In my case everything works when the car starts, and usually it's the same for 5-10 minutes and then it shuts down and goes to the screen shown in the screenshot.
Once it gets to that point, the only solution seems to be to completely turn off the car (exiting the car and locking the doors) and restart it. Unplugging USB cables to my phone, restarting the infotainment system etc. don't do anything.

The car is a 2017 Cupra 300 ST.

Jul 1, 2020
I had the same thing happen to me periodically over the last few months (although recently it has been more stable) - I tried a few things, but the main thing seems to be, make sure there is no dust/fluff in your USB port on your phone, AND have a decent braided/protected USB cable. (for the port on my phone I used a combo of toothpick and or cocktail stick - it's amazing how much came out - I have my phone in my jeans pocket a lot)

Restarting the infotainment system by holding down the power button to cycle back to the Seat logo also seemed to work - a few times.

ALSO sometimes it would be fine, like you say for 10-15 minutes, then drop out, and it would take me pressing the selection of Android Auto when prompted (when/if it recognised the device was still attached) 2 or 3 times for it to then be stable again.

(it's worth also checking the USB port in the car for any fluff/dust - maybe use a compressed air can etc?)

Oh and one last thing - not ideal when driving, but - if it does keep disconnecting, when I tried to reconnect after removing and attaching USB in car socket, power cycling the infotainment unit etc, I hadn't been informed on my phone (it was still locked) that my Android (Galaxy S6) was prompting me again to allow USB file transfer access/permission etc) So it's also worth doing a full power down of your mobile phone too?

(this is on a 2016 Ibiza FR, haven't got my infotaininment version numbers to hand, but I know it's probably 2016 date as that's when the maps are dated too)
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Had several duff cables with mine. Think the bouncing about does the connections in. Replaced cables. Keep to no longer than 1 metre else that effects the data flow so then it does drops out (2 metre won't work, handy if a phablet to put behind the front seat but no good for the data link).

I don't use Android Auto much but when I have I find it's the cable needs replacing. Could be the cleaning of contacts as above, braided ones I use but reckon it's the microusb end as the cable goes into the plug fails with the vibration... my theory. Wear & tear and length.
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