Anyone collected theirs yet?


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Mar 6, 2013
Just wondering if anyone has collected their Leon yet?

I was told mine would be by middle of next week....but now the Dealer is saying definitely before the end of March, so we will wait and see!

If anyone has collected, how are you feeling about your new car? Is it as you expected it to be?

I ordered in Emocion red, despite not having seen one in the metal. However, having had a few days away in Glasgow, I popped in past Arnold Clark (not a pleasant experience I know) in Alexandria parade, they had a red one on the forecourt, exact same spec as the one Ive ordered and it looked fantastic in red, im glad i ordered the colour now!

Also, saw one in Seat Dundee but it was white with the standard 17" Fr alloys, they are not nice looking wheels. The SE 17" wheels look much better. Glad ive ordered the 18s on my FR!



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Feb 2, 2010
Great to hear that it looks good in Emocion Red because I have also ordered one in that colour without seeing it. I've also ordered 18s for my FR.

I won't be getting mine yet as I've ordered the 1.8 tsi which I'm told won't be available until May/June. I ordered it before the end of March to take advantage of the £500 Tech Pack Offer.
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