Arosa cambelt tensioner.


I'm mystified. I am changing my cambelt and decided to change the tensioner and roller. The tensioner is "off centre" so rotating it varies the extent to which it presses on the belt. Is it simply the central nut that stops the tensioner slackening off when its mounted ie the tension of the belt is set then and the tensioner is not self-adjusting? Looking at the tensioner I note that it has a spring inside - presumably to allow the tensioner to take up any slack but cannot see how this is supposed to work. The tensioner bolts on to a round stud in the block but the tensioner central hole is squared off at the back so the stud does not seem to provide an anchor to stop the bearing bit of the tensioner from rotating (I would have expected a squared-off shoulder on the stud if it was to play a role. There seems to be only one tab to fit into the block to anchor one end of the spring. Questions:
1. If I try the tensioner without the belt should the tensioner be sprung?
2. If not, how is the tensioner self adjusting to take up cambelt slack?
3. Am I missing something eg a special tool?

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Jun 19, 2001
there's a notch on the tensioner you turn it too but it's part of a pretty complex procedure

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