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Audible warning sound when i engage reverse gear

Mar 16, 2019
Hi folks,

I have a 2014 reg seat ibiza.

When i engage reverse gear there is an audible tapping sound coming from the glove box area of the car. I thought it may be an audible warning for a bulb but i have checked them all and they look fine.
I am puzzled by this, can anyone give me any info as to what this is?

The car drives fine, but this sound is puzzling me.

Thanks in advance.


Active Member
Dec 10, 2016
It's your heating recirculation valve. it sounds as if the motor has stripped some teeth and can't get the flap to hit a limit stop properly.

Engaging reverse automatically sets the heating system to recirculation to avoid the car sucking it's own exhaust fumes into the cabin as it reverses.

You will get the same noise if you manually select recirculation. I don't know if it can be repaired easily, mine was fixed under warranty with an entire new valve box, which I imagine is costly. The valve still moves in both directions, just the motor keeps running as it tries to get a "fully open" signal and the clicking is the gears jumping.
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