Aug 19, 2022
Hi everyone đź‘‹

After a reasonably long journey I made the other day in the hot weather we've been having, I noticed a rattle coming from the engine bay. On closer inspection I narrowed it down to the driver's side timing chain / serpentine belt area.

I managed to get a couple of videos of it (listen for the metalic rattle sound).

I took it down to my local garage and of course it magically healed itself and they were unable to reproduce it by playing with the tension, Aircon, electrical loading on the alternator or any other method they tried. However on another long drive I made it reappeared so I'm thinking it must be heat related in some way.

The car last had its water pump and timing chain etc done at 86k and is now at 106k so I'm doubtful it's to do with that as a 60k replacement is usually what's recommend.

Has anyone experienced this before or know of what it might be? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!
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