1. TKB

    Vibration at high speeds problem

    So on November I had to change the oil/filters on my Formentor so I went to the dealership and asked to swap my tires to winter tires while I'm there. Immediately after changing the tires, when I got on the highway heading back to home I felt huge vibration at around 100km/h. The vibration could...
  2. Bocanegra timing chain / tensioner rattle advice?

    Hi everyone 👋 After a reasonably long journey I made the other day in the hot weather we've been having, I noticed a rattle coming from the engine bay. On closer inspection I narrowed it down to the driver's side timing chain / serpentine belt area. I managed to get a couple of videos of it...
  3. Abbey Gray

    Need Advice - Engine Rattle/Pinging

    Hey, again not sure if i’m posting in the correct area. I have a 2011 Seat ibiza Cupra 1.4tsi, and i’m having a problem with it. I’ve owned it for a year now, and ever since i’ve been trying to figure out the cause of the issue i’m having but garages can’t seem to figure it out without...
  4. Engine bay rattle noise

    I have a 2015 Seat Leon 1.2 TSI ST, It has 108,000KM on it. So about a few months back a rattling/whining noise started coming from the engine bay, it sounded like it's from the passenger side, at first i thought it was a normal sound it wasn't too loud and also thought it could be because of...
  5. HighFlyingBird

    Passenger air vent squeaking

    I have a squeaking noise that sounds like it's coming from the passenger side air vent, it does it for a bit when the cars cold and it's does it when turning the car on full lock too. I've shoved a screw driver down the vent to give things bit of a nudge but I've not felt anything loose or...
  6. annoying rattle

    hello, i have an annoying rattle from my engine on low revs wen in high gears in lowish revs,wen i put more revs it goes away, it never used to do this untill had a new bearing on cambelt shaft,any ideas? forgot to say its a tdi cupra
  7. John007

    Annoying rattle

    I am having trouble pin pointing where a ratlle is coming from, the best way of describing it is its like a marble in the drinks holder under the armrest. It clunks when you pull away and when you brake, or hit a bump, the rest of the time you hardly notice it, Trouble is I cannot find...
  8. Rattle from drivers side when idle!

    Since buying this car, I have loved and hated it. This has just started without any alterations or anything being done to the car. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ3MZIPgZJE the video shows how when idle it has a strange dull rattle, but the moment the revs increase it disappears. The...
  9. Door rattle

    Guys my doors got a clunky noise :(. On accelerating and breaking i get a distinct metal noise coming fom the drivers door. Going to get teh door card off the weekend and have a butchers but any initial thoughts to what this could be. Opening the window has no affect either. H
  10. zach225

    parcel shelf rattle! **fixed

    has anyone been able to find a way of stopping the parcel shelf from rattling when going over speed bumps etc?
  11. NinjaPirateUK

    FL FR TDI Dash Rattle

    Had the car about a month now and it's developed a very annoying vibrating rattle. It happens over rough road surfaces and also when the engine hits about 2200-2300rpm. It's driving me insane :( Just had a drive around pressing down on bits of the dash and the trim around the vents to see of...
  12. kev64

    plastic sounding rattle in boot/hatch

    Hi all ! had my 5 door 1.4 sport since sept 09 and no complaints so far but it has recently developed a plasticy sounding rattle in boot/hatch area which i cannot trace. its worse over a bumpy road but its got progressively worse over last week or so. Has anyone else had any experience of this...
  13. Rattle, rattle, rattle!

    Starting a new thread because I'm at my wits end and I'm struggling to find information. My 2003 Ibiza Sport Tdi 130 is the rattliest car I have EVER owned and bearing in mind I used to drive Alfasuds and 33's that's saying something! The dashboard is my real bugbear, constant rattle from the...
  14. TwoZeroAlpha

    Squeaky rattle solved

    I though I'd share my solution to a problem I found (and due to it's nature may effect others). I had an irritating squeaky/knock/rattle from the rear driver side passenger seat. Having looked at the locking hook (square horseshoe thing) some wear was apparent. Had a drive when someone was...
  15. MonkeyTibs

    Seat Leon FR - Rattle in centre console

    Hi all, On Thursday I bought an FR to replace my 1.4 VW Polo (:happy:) and although I can't drive it until the 31st of December (unless I want to pay an extra £900 insurance as I am 21 on New Years Eve and insurance becomes considerably cheaper) there is something I want to sort out. As I...
  16. Sunroof rattle

    Does anyone else have a rattle coming out of the sunroof? Its there when the roof slide is in open position and stops when its closed. If someone knows already how to get rid of it, please share!
  17. Nath.

    rattle/buzz noise

    Hi guys, I have a rattle/buzz noise when doing clutch control or pulling away or when digging into the torque band in gear, It sounds metalic. I don't want to take it to a dealer even though it's not a year old yet as they will probably beat all 4 corners off of the bumpers and make fag burns...
  18. Big_daddy

    suspension rattle

    Not sure what to search for. When ever i drive over ruff surface eg un even tarmac, the passnger side suspension seems rattle. The wheels seems to be firm with no play? any suggestions. The car is on coilover think ap brand.
  19. __B3NNY__

    Aircon Rattle

    Noticed this yesterday that when i turn the AC on im getting a rattle, its coming from down behind the bumper on the drivers side, it sounds like its coming from the area of the biggest pulley. I`ve read that it could possibly be a nosiey AC compressor anybody back this up? As soon as the AC...
  20. Strange Rattle

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this same problem. Car is make a strange rattling noise at low speeds especially at low speeds and going over damn speed bumps, sounds like a can being dragged underneath the car, checked to see if there was something stuck under car but clear as a bell...