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Broken Spring


Just returned from holiday, Started my now dirty FR TDI and moved it forward to a twang sound from the front.

Driving it around, the noise from the front drivers side suggested a fault, I've had it checked by Kwik-Fit, and seen that the front drivers side Spring has snapped.

A few searches on here have suggested that this does happen, Kwik Fit have quoted £60 a corner and suggested that I have both front corners changed. From my searches this seems to be a reasonable price, and a good idea, and my lack of tools to get this done myself suggests that I should just get them to do it.

Should I shop around for a better price or just pay up?

Need the car for work, so can't have it off the road for to long!


ohhhhh yes.
Sep 13, 2002
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This happended to me. My car had only done about 30k so I just changed one side. If I remmeber right it's an OEM part and the part was about £40 (unless you're upgrading) so anything you save will probably be marginal.

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