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Build quality is shocking - will be my last SEAT ever

blame mii

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May 24, 2017
Reviving this old post, I can't relate to any of the biased comments above. The Mii is a cracking little car. I'm at pension age now and have driven just about every brand you could mention. This little car (Mii) is well built, easy to drive and just as happy on the motorway as in town. Even though called a city car it feels big. I have driven this car (74hp) 1500 miles in 2 months and love it.
I went from Lincolnshire to the north of Scotland, a 9 hour drive and my wife and I stepped out of the car as relaxed as when we stepped into it.
So don't be put off by the above hype. Drive on and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.
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