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Climatic air issue


Active Member
Feb 5, 2016
Dear all,
Please can you help.

My climatic fan control system only allows air to be blown through vents when circulation button is pressed i.e. if on normal auto mode, no air comes through and it sounds like air is trapped in my glove box!

Any ideas as to what this can be?

Do I need to take to dealer and if so how much is it likely to be for a repair?

Thanks in advance.


Active Member
Aug 20, 2017
I don't know much about it as I am relatively new to Seat / Toledo but I got myself a OBD scanner and noticed I had a few fault codes which means the motors which control the air flow had jammed at least once. I cleared the codes and it's not come back but I didn't notice any issues myself.

After reading a similar thread on BRISkoda, Its a ball ache of a job but you basically need to lube and free the air flow flaps... all I'll say is if you decide to do it, please post a photo guide just in case it happens with mine.
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