Clutch pedal issue :-(

Sep 16, 2019
Hello all.
Im new to seat's and have a problem with my 2002 Cupra R. A few weeks ago whilst driving the car I noticed the clutch pedal was in the down position, and to change gear I had to flick the pedal back up with my foot prior to engaging the clutch to change gear. Now the clutch pedal is inoperative, it has no tension and will not let me engage the clutch to change gear. Any thoughts? Ive heard many reasons but thought you guys would have the best knowledge :)
Thank you


Active Member
Aug 13, 2020
Stick your head under the dash by the pedals and pull the clutch one up. As it comes towards you it should be attached to a metal rod coming through the firewall (this is your clutch master cylinder rod). That metal bar is known for popping out the back of the pedal from its clip and causing the issue you describe. If it is still firmly in there then you either have a duff master cylinder, a hydraulic leak in the line, or a duff slave cylinder on top the gearbox. I'm assuming the car doesn't make any wild noises from the release bearing collapsing and so the issue must be somewhere between the master and the slave. Both are easily accessible luckily enough.
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