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DSG Recall


Just had the cupra back from its service and there has been a recall on dsg boxes as seat now put in mineral oil rather than semi synthetic and an update for the box.
So hopefully wont be so hesitant.



Do you just have to take it back to a SEAT garage and they will sort it out? This is the first I have heard anything about any DSG issues


I wasnt even told before the service only after that they had done it.
I guess phone and find out


towcester vag

Active Member
Oct 17, 2011
duston northants
its not a recall
if manufacturers have a recall they will send out a letter to owners
this mod will be classed as a quality improvement
its a way round a issue so the manufacturer doesnt look bad


Full Member
Jul 28, 2005
Wiltshire, UK
If u check out USA China . Vag web sites there have been loads of problems regarding dsg and oil problems, which has resulted in 5 l 7 yr ? Warrantys beening applied but NOT in Europe :O:O

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Spoke to a SEAT garage today. It is classed as a safety improvement and not required for all models. All you have to do is book it and and they will see if it is required. Also completely free
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Fast Farmer

Active Member
Jan 11, 2012
Had my boc done last week when serviced wasn't even told till I got there and service desk said there was a quality improvement job on the DSG. seems a bit smoother though definitely tell something's different. Didn't cost owt and guess if summat goes wrong later on will help with trying to get it done under warranty!!


Active Member
Oct 15, 2013
It's the same across the whole range some of the vw t5s and caddies need the oil change vag group have changed it to make changes smooths and to prolong the life of the gears, but it only needs to be done one some batches of the dsg boxes


Had my 09 plate FR into seat for the dsg recall, mineral oil and a software update and it seems much better. Smoother changes and a little quicker in manual.
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