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DSG/TCM problem on ibiza cupra mk5..


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Aug 8, 2010
Athens, GREECE
Hello guys,

I was on a nice vacation with my 2010 ibiza cupra and after, came home, all well and nice. Two days after, SUDDENLY my car wouldn't start. I noticed when I turn the key a "beep" sounds and the "P" was flashing on the gearbox. I couldn't move the lever nor start the car (No reaction when turning the key to start the car, just electronics going off).

After having a look in the fuse box (near the battery) I found out a 30A fuse was blown (the green one, for the TCM), so, i decided to replace the fuse with a new 30A one. After replacing the fuse, i saw little, but stinky plastic smoke coming out from somewhere under the hood (couldn't find out where from) and found the fuse blown again. I've put a 3rd one, it didn't blow but the car had the same issue (can't start, "P" gear blinking).

So, did anyone have any similar problem?
I am afraid this is going to cost me a lot... Going to the shop tomorrow...

PS. The diagnostic app has shown this message: U0101 - Lost Communication With Transmission Control Module
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