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EPC Light :(


Hi everyone!

I started getting the EPC light up on my dash and the car would rev itself..
Turned the ignition off and back on and all was fine.

Been told it is most likely to be the brake light switch - as it does happen when pressing the brakes.

Recently if I have been driving with my climate control on I have not had the problem, as soon as i turn it off or put it on 'ECON' mode the epc light comes back when I brake.

Now it is doing it regardless of the aircon being on.

It could just be pure conincidence that it wasn't happened with aircon (was like this for over a week) but just wanted to see any opinions?

I've sent a message to someone on here to get it on a vag com machine but its just worrying me abit, is it safe to drive etc?

Any opinions would be great!

Thanks again!


Mégane F1 R26..
Dec 1, 2009
At a Shell garage..
I doubt the brake light switch failing would cause the car to "rev itself".

Get someone to press the brake pedal and you check if the lights work... if not, then that could be the problem. Alternatively, they might be "stuck on" like mine were, and illuminate even when your not pressing the pedal.
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Cheers mate.

Just been to see mikeholroyd who hooked it up to vagcom.

Gave me the fault codes - brilliant bloke!


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Oct 8, 2009
When my EPC light came on it was tje brake peddle switch. Not nice driving 300 miles to north wales with no brake lights and on way home with none at all!
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