fixed clutch problems


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Feb 12, 2007
I apologise for starting yet another thread about clutch problems. I have searched through the forums and found a few, but they are all either very old or not quite the problem I'm having.

Okay, short story long...

I've got an Ibiza 1.9TDi MK2 98R, after a while of owning and driving it, my clutch pedal has been slowly dropping towards the floor. One day the pedal almost dropped to the floor and I found it difficult to change gear. My old man just pulled the pedal up which seemed to sort it and every so often I had to return it manually with my foot. This was fine for months.

Fairly recently, I had the common problem with the pedal box and it broke. I got it fixed by a guy from the AA, who took the pedal out and got it welded. When he replaced the pedal, he didn't replace the big white return spring as in his words; 'it's a c**t to replace on the side of the road'. Charming.

Over the course of a few months, the pedal started to drop again, partly I would imagine to the lack of return spring. Even with returning the pedal with my foot, It became increasingly more difficult to change gear, until finally I couldn't change gear; while the engine was running.

After a week of being off the road, my old man brought his trailer up to collect the car. We had a look around and he found the pedal box, the white plastic guide and the push rod, grabbed the lot and yanked all three up. A miracle! The clutch now works fine... With the exception that again slowly over time the pedal is dropping to the floor and only returning maybe 99% each time it's pressed down.

So... I have a couple of questions. Here comes the science part. :D

1. I have the return spring in my glove box and I need to know if it's complete and how to fit it back. I've got the Haynes Manual but it doesn't really explain much (to a layman).

2. Any ideas on what I can check to stop the pedal from slowly dropping and having to pull the pedal, plastic guide and push rod up every so often. I would of imagined that this wouldn't of been a problem previously with the return spring, but previous pedal dropping in the past with the spring attached proves otherwise.

The car has also started to sometimes get a bit laggy when accelerating, not all the time, only once in a while. I doubt this has anything to do with the clutch. It's due an oil change, but that's a different story.

Thanks for any/all help :D
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