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Fmic problem help


replaced the bottom hose off because it had been rubbing on the ground. then when on boost it blew the new hose off. so put the original hose back on it keeps blowing we had 3 jubilee clips on now and each keep blowing off. we put the pipe on as far as it would go WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG THIS IS THE SECOND DAY OF HAVING PROBLEMS WITH IT PLEASE HELP.

thanks dan


Active Member
Sep 22, 2006
Jubilee clips are no good mate. You need mikalor clamps. I had jubilee's on mine and had the same problem. Replaced them all with mikalor clamps about 6 months ago and had no problems since. Can get them off ebay for quite cheap. Just make sure you get the right size.

Hope that helps,



Active Member
Jun 30, 2009
after sonley recomended me to get mikalors i got 10 delivered for £19 and have done the job :)


Hi, used mikalor pipes and STILL coming off? :S !! It hasn't got flanges no....thats wot a few people have said. This may sound silly, but i put a tiiiiiiny bit of fairy liquid to slip it on the pipe because they were SO tight. And coincidentally it slipped off on this side this time (where i put the fairy liquid)....where as the end i was having issues last time was the only end i had to put fairy liquid on.....maybe issue? HELP PLEEEEEEASE :( ! P.s bought new pipe with the two new mikalor clips
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