front mounted intercooler

  1. twinpass fmic

    found this on ebay.been thinking about upgrading to a fmic on my mk4 07 fr 1.8 t do you think this would be up to the job ?..i can do all the pipe work my self,just want to know if this one would be ok core...
  2. Seat sport fmic

    Hi everyone just need a littke help the seat sport intercooler they came standard on a cupra 180bhp? Second of all just what kin on bhp can they take up to before needing to upgrade it? Thank and sorry if it ha already been asked i couldnt find it on the search bar craig
  3. luke c

    what fmic is this

    Just wondering what fmic is fitted to this ibiza i thought you couldnt get one with a pipe at both sides :confused:
  4. Fmic problem help

    replaced the bottom hose off because it had been rubbing on the ground. then when on boost it blew the new hose off. so put the original hose back on it keeps blowing we had 3 jubilee clips on now and each keep blowing off. we put the pipe on as far as it would go WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG THIS IS...
  5. davidmills2002

    Fmic or exhaust

    currently i'm at stage 1 with just a remap, clutch and pd160 intake. Looking to go slowly to stage 2 as money permits. In a month or so i'll be getting some one that will allow me to either get the front mount or exhaust. Will get the seat sport fmic or milltek decat and cat back system. Both...
  6. FMIC options.

    Just wondering will a FMIC off any other VAG group models fit the ibiza TDI sport?? obviously is it hard to do and worth while?? it would have to be a bigger one.
  7. Loony R

    TX Autosport FMIC. Your thoughts please.

    Hi guys, seen this on the bay and want to know what you guys think. Worth a go?
  8. CupraOl

    Oil on FMIC

    Was washing the car today and noticed through the mesh in the front bumper that from where the pipe goes into the FMIC (bottom left hand side when looking at car from front) there appears to be quite a lot of oil/soot type muck on the outside of the FMIC. The side nearest this pipe is definitely...
  9. ivo098

    Cone air filter heat shield with FMIC?

    I was wondering is there a point of installing heat shiled for my air intake (Apexi cone filter) as I have FMIC? It's logical the the air anyway is going to be cooled down by the bigger intercooler.
  10. keaney

    To FMIC or not to FMIC?

    Well the time has come where i have some spare cash to splash and iam thinking a FMIC could be the order of the day? My 2002 LC has all the usual bits (dyna twist,007,stage 2 Revo,S/S exhaust,soon to be turbo back) so a FMIC would make sence? Ive never felt the car lacking in anyway before and i...
  11. Dougy

    Twin pass fmic

    Just wondered if anyone had fitted one to there Ibiza Cupra R's? One for sale thinking of getting but only picture I can find is of a leon with it on. Just don't want to get it if means hacking out at the bumper Thanks
  12. Gravesie-363

    Cupra R FMIC

    Has anybody used this FMIC ? :) If so, is it good! I know its not a top branded one, but its half the price of the forge...
  13. rydoo

    lcr fmic

    i am currently pushing 300hp in my leon,my next mod is a fmic,is forge the only way to go as ive seen alot of universal setups? Thanks
  14. Dougy

    Fitting FMIC - any tips

    Hey guys Going to try and fit my FMIC tomorrow that i got off a write off ibiza Never done one before and was wondering if their are any guides or tips that people have. How long should it take? Looks like a universal one but are there any bits that are going to make me want to take a...
  15. james walker

    leon cupra custom fmic install thread, NOW WITH LOGS POST INSTALL

    could anyone please post a guide/parts needed and links for a custom/ebay fmic install on a leon cupra please id like to see a individual thread on this, either twin pass or single pass and costs and how to fit etc big ask i know but theres tons on lcr single pass love to see how youve...
  16. rsmith

    High CF's, new logs with FMIC fitted

    Hello All, I need help, I have a MY05 LCR, with the mods listed in my sig below, anytime I do logging I always see lots of CF’s, I have read a bit about them and basically they are correction factors and caused by the ECU retarded the timing for a few different reasons? that’s great, but I...
  17. Has anyone fit this FMIC

    Hello, i need advice, has anyone fit this FMIC, and what do you think, is it good as FORGE TWINTERCOOLER...? Thank you.
  18. greesha

    Greesha's - imperial blue cupra

    Hello :) i'm a member and a proud leon owner for more than a year now so I think its time to post something about it. I bought it in January 2009 and it is pretty much my first owned car. Leather interior. 83k miles on the clock. FSH. It was second Leon I went to look at. When i bought...
  19. FMIC pipe moving

    hey guys, ive got the forge fmic and want to move the pipe work so its set similarly to the LCR, just want a kit list of what i need and sizes. any info will be great cheers. Matt P.S i know i will need a golf gti washer bottle for the room.
  20. Fox god

    Fox Gods LCR (FMIC fitted)

    Hi guys, I've been on here a while learning from you all and sticking my 10 pence in here and there. So i thought it was time i did a readers ride thread, good times eh :D I've wanted an lcr for years and in dec 08 after looking at focus st's and astra vxr's i decided seat still did it...
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