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front mounted intercooler

  1. M87NER

    Forge FMIC or Forge 007

    Hi, Im startin to save up for the Forge FMIC but am wondering if its worth getting the 007 first or is it alrite fitting the FMIC with the standard bosch recert valve, Any help would be apprieceited. Thanks Mod's have already- PowerChip?? Pipercross Viper, Powerflow exhaust with...
  2. Spud_G40

    Removing front crash bar (for FMIC)

    Has anyone completely removed their front crash bar? I am thinking if i moved that I could cut out the number plate recess and allow alot more air into my FMIC, and just have a square motorbike no. plate at the side. But is it a very stupid idea (safety wise)? My bro had to do this to his...
  3. JIMYU

    k03s on 3bar fpr...and without fmic

    my k03s arrived from the states today and I'm booked into Impossible Performance next friday for fitting. (£200 for fitting inc gaskets etc and mapping :) ) Apparently you don't necessarily need a 4bar fpr with a k03s..I was told it depends on the condition of your fuel pump? Is that right...
  4. andygolf


    well just bought h17och's fmic of him.and i am the one from up north. been trying to find the fitting guide for it on the forge website any one know where to get it from.
  5. Black TDI Turbo

    Custom FMIC vagcom results :)

    Hi for all of you who havnt seen my previous posts heres a recap, I bought a universal intercooler off ebay for around £100, i then used intercooler pipes off a Ford Focus C-Max and some straight metal pipe to make the pipework. In all it cost me around £140. The intercooler looks the part imo...
  6. Jonny

    Cleaning & Polishing Forge FMIC

    After a winter of collecting salt & road grime, my Forge FMIC is looking a bit minging :( First question, can it be cleaned with the bumper on (does the centre grille pop out?) or is it a bumper off job? (It's an LCR by the way... if that makes any difference? :shrug: ) Secondly, what's...
  7. The MoffMeister


    Right the time has come to get a fmic now there are a few i have seen that are complete packages but what im after are some alternatives as they are a bit pricey unless they can do them for a good price?? ;) ;) Have seen forge one which comes with everything and also seen the ADB one, but...
  8. air121005

    SEAT Sport FMIC Diagram

    i have recently posted this in a thread :whistle: but thought that it might be of benifit to everybody! :D got this diagram from my local stealer (Droitwich, Worcs), thought i'd share it to make the FMIC conversion pricing, installation process etc a lot easier! ;) was told if i quote...
  9. freddy_t

    FMIC core

    Guys let me pick your brains. Ive been in negotiations with a intercooler fabricator in getting a custom cooler made for my car. Ive had my bumper off and supplied him with dimensions with the room I have to play with (not a lot! lol) Now Im not after people telling me that It wont work or...

    fitted my laguna fmic!!!!

    finally finnished it here is a link to my myspace page the pics are on my slide show have a gander see what you think!!!!!!!!! post some comments cheers!!http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=120685407 www.myspace.com/coober82
  11. Neel-Cupra

    Milltek dp + cat or FMIC??

    Hi guys, Just wanted to ask anyone what they think, have the following mods on my car but dont know what to go for next if anyone could help, either looking at a Forge FMIC or the milltek downpipe and 100 cell race cat :confused: : Revo stage 1 Forge 007p FK Silverline coilovers Milltek...
  12. FMIC for Leon

    been looking at the intercooler on the Forge site for the MK1 Leon Cupra (2001) and its a twin pass right? both end tanks at one side have always read that there is a pressure drop with twin pass FMIC's do any other well known companies do FMIC for the Leon Cupra which are single pass?
  13. fmic help

    started to fit my laguna fmic came to a holt not to sure how to mount it and with what anyone in slough area who can come and help pm me for more info

    fitted my laguna fmic

    :-o omg just went out for a spin in my beza **** me what a difference with the new fmic and new pipework, with the old one on i was peekin at 1.3 bar and maybe fading to about 0.8, now with the fmic intercooler it peeks at about 1.2 bar and fades to about 1.1, its ******* amazin feels like a...
  15. Mitchy

    LCR Forge FMIC

    I know we're not supposed to link direct to ebay... But this is a bargain and should be snatched up as quick as possible for someone thinking about FMIC conversion...
  16. Ryan-CupraT


    You've probably heard this heaps of times, where's the cheapest place to get a front mounted intercooler? Im not after anything Universal, basically just a bolt on job.
  17. MIkey kc

    laguna fmic hard pipe

    hi, im fitting a laguna fmic to my cupra and have got all pipes from sfs but i need the hard pipe, wot does everyone use?
  18. gavthelad

    Mk3 Tip, Induction and FMIC......

    As ive already posted this in the Mk3 section, i thought i'd share it with everyone......I know it needs a clean and i need a new cupra badge but see what you think::D
  19. gavthelad

    My new TIP,Induction and FMIC....

    Ok then boys.....Its been a long time coming, finally saved up the cash and did it all within 2 days of each other. did the tip and the jabbasport induction kit first and then had a trip down to Forge for the cooler 2 days later. Jabba induction: (courtesy of david_smith_909).....Cheers...
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