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To FMIC or not to FMIC?


Full Member
Jul 20, 2003
Cardiff ,Wales
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Well the time has come where i have some spare cash to splash and iam thinking a FMIC could be the order of the day? My 2002 LC has all the usual bits (dyna twist,007,stage 2 Revo,S/S exhaust,soon to be turbo back) so a FMIC would make sence? Ive never felt the car lacking in anyway before and i know what it would bring to the car but will it or does it make the car more enjoyable to drive? Iam torn on what to do!?
To be honest if a few people say its worth it i will get one,iam fickle like that :clap:,Cheers guys,any feed back is appreciated :D


I got one to help look after engine when I'm driving enthusiastically !!!!

I bought the forge kit. Really easy to fit once you remember every screw that holds the bumper on.



Full Member
Jul 20, 2003
Cardiff ,Wales
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I ask the question because having lived 8 years without one and never have driven a car with it done iam just a lil 50/50 on doing it,like i said i understand all the pros i just wanted to know if you can feel the difference. So,come next weekish iam guessing my car will be all FMIC'd up haha,cheers guys.


Apr 28, 2004
Tipperary, Ireland
Thought a FMIC was a prerequisite for stage 2,(and a Turbo back exhaust) not sure how you are a Revo stage 2 with just a DV007 and a Dyna twist, anyways, An FMIC is high om my favourite mods list, engine temps are way down and in turn the CF's are massively down to.
I thoroughly recommend it, if you log and have a good idea of what is going on under the hud your can instantly see the benefits.


Leon Cupra IHI
Jul 24, 2005
sunny sussex
Im guessing youll be hitting 235/240 bhp once turbo back is fitted so an fmic will keep the temps low. I didnt notice a huge difference until the summer temps arrived.
Well worth doing considering your other mods:)


Smoogie And Proud
Jul 25, 2005
do it! :clap:
when i got mine, was the middle of winter and didnt realy notice much differance but when it warmed up outside and was still pulling like a train was chuffed to bits.:D
i got the forge on for mine saved messing about sourceing things seperately, xpnsive but well worth it


California Bound
I was under the impression that you need your map tweeked when installing a FMIC? I have heard stories of people fitting them and losing boost.

Also to the OP, you probably have stage 1, you can't go stage 2 until you have a TB exhaust.


Full Member
Jul 20, 2003
Cardiff ,Wales
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I know what your saying about the stage 2 without the bits an bobs,ive had the stage 2 map and different fuel pump fitted but then some tool smashed my wifes car and buggered off so the money i had set to one side for the exhaust and fmic was spent on getting her back on the road. Now i can finish it off i will be! But thinking will have to get it rolling roaded now if it changes that much? hmm.


Nothing to say ATM...erm
Jun 24, 2006
North of London
in the summer months with the standard intercooler(s) and a mapped car you will notice straight away after a few 'spirited' drives that the car will begin to feel noticeably slower, i know i do...cos of all the heat generated. The FMIC will stop all this totally, you will have a car that pulls well all day long, through heatwaves etc just like it did through the winter....its high on my list of things to do tbh


Keep right on
Oct 3, 2007
I got mine from forge and had it fitted last august at a garage near me. When i picked it up the lad who fitted it asked if there was anything wrong with it before it was fitted? I thought oh no now what broke, so i said nothing why? He replied after taking it for a test drive it felt deadly quick and that was before it was stage 2 mapped. So id defo recomend getting one

james walker

cooling is the key people
May 24, 2007
retford notts
probably the biggest that would fit, the only thing to cause lag would be too big a cooler creating pressure drop or too large diameter pipework creating lag

adam cupra 20vt

Built Not Bought.
Mar 31, 2005
Mud Hut
Mine is huggge and its not really that laggy to be honest, would like to have a ride with someone with a smaller cooler to compair it tho.
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