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front mounted intercooler

  1. basssound

    Improvements to Pipework for Forge FMIC

    You ight want to sticky this as a guide for anyone thinkin of buying a forge FMIC. Anyways the kit consists of two 300mm straight pieces which go across the front crash bumper, to fit the bottom one you have to hack the crash bar to pieces and also cut away most of the mounting bracket, very...
  2. Chambers Cupra

    FMIC help laguna or uni

    Ive had a quick look in the search bit but didnt really find anything out! i wana no which is better launga fmic or uni! how hard are they to fit? what piping i need for the launga and wht laguna is it off? anyone had expirence with either? any other suggest would be helpfull! cheers
  3. Next mod - WMI, FMIC or bigger exhaust

    Currently remapped PD130 with decat (standard pipe diameter), freeflowing backbox (standard diameter), egr delete and BMC CDA. Not sure whether to go WMI, change to a FMIC, or get a full 2.5" exhaust system.
  4. got new fmic kit (pics now added)

    hi guys i have new front mount now. before i had uni one and now i got a-m motorsports kit with all hard pipe work loving the look .and a great bit of kit havnt blown a pipe yet lol as them uni ones i used to blow pipes off at 140 ect not good as id be in a latby all the time. im very happy with...
  5. JB!

    Cupra FMIC options?

    Right, have read various threads but wanted a list of tried and tested FMICs fitted to Cupra/R's, with best place to buy and what is required to fit. Also - has anyone fitted a sprinter intercooler? Have been offered one cheap.
  6. Universal FMIC vs. Laguna FMIC

    I've tried searching before people tell me:p Ive got a KO3s and Laguna fmic. Just wondering whats the definate differences and is there a better one out of the two, anybody tested or proved this? Thanks
  7. evokid

    Fmic for leon 1.8t

    Sorry to post again, but would not let me answer previous posts until posted 15 Times!!! If i add/can i a FMIC to my Leon 1.8T will i need to add any other bits? I know mine has the single intercooler being a 180bhp, and the cupra has 2 intercoolers? Will a FMIC fit as per previous posts...
  8. ibizadoyle

    ss fmic pipe kit

    hi guys bought a seast sport interccooler otherday just tryin 2 srt pipes out now so wondering who do the best kits?? thanks
  9. Leon Cupra AUQ FMIC (inlet outlet same side)?

    Hi, Im thinking of doing a universal FMIC on my Leon AUQ. I have been told its easier to get one with the inlet and outlets on the same side? Is this correct and will it affect performance at all? What do you guys reckon?
  10. kineticz

    Can't hear DV since fitting FMIC and turbo?

    For some reason the Turbosmart DualPort Kompact can't be heard now since the FMIC and ko3s have been fitted? Any ideas why? :confused: The engine does however make a nice whistle sound and gets higher pitch when I put the throttle down which I can only assume is air sucking through the pipes...
  11. Stu_pot

    Back in Black! ** Custom FMIC Build Started & Finished**

    The LCR is purely a weekend car, hardly gets used and with work and toddler commitments I kinda lost my enthusiasm for it for a while. Anyway, the temporary insanity has passed :) and modding has begun again. Just a couple of pics, spot the mods :D
  12. NickyJam

    forge or SS FMIC?

    hey guys, basically want an opinion on this... i'm gonna want to fit a FMIC as the SMIC is pointless and the car does suffer in the hotter weather, more smoke and less poke :ban: i'm only gonna bother with stage 1 remap so think that either will do he job i'm expecting p.s. have been...
  13. Problem with forge FMIC???

    Hi guys, Just fitted FMIC to Ibiza. Had to cut the bumper at the bottom as it sits too low. Has anyone else had to modify bumper? Is this normal?? Walshy
  14. ebay fmic

    hey just wondering if anyone has got or tried one of those £200 fmic's off ebay?just wanted to know if there any good?
  15. Universal FMIC with pics

    Evening all Well tonight, actually yesterday we fitted a universal FMIC to my mates mapped stage 2 LCR. We started at half 5 and finished just before midnight lol. Its a universal core and very good quality. Here are a few pics. The difference after we fitted and took it for a rag was...
  16. chaazza

    universal fmic

    wat you guy reckon to this found a few threads but not many i can find are they hard to fit can any one post a link to fitting
  17. lm_gauci

    Forge FMIC piping

    Right, i know theres quite a few people on here that are using Forge Intercoolers. Now this is not an attack on Forge as there service and products are top quality neither is it an attempt at a group buy. Basicly, after reading a few comments lately about the flow capabilities of the forge...
  18. ibizadoyle

    FMIC - cheapest way?

    hi guys i know it been covered before prob but i really cant get to grips with the search bar!! where is the cheapest place to get a fmic for an ibiza fr130 also is the seat sport one any cheaper than the forge item? and if so is at any worse than the forge item thanks simon p.s if...
  19. ThackersLCR

    Stealth FMIC

    Il be fitting my universal front mount next week, finally! Following Nev's guide. But my question is... will the cooler be as effective if i sprayed the front and end tanks black - as to achive a not so in your face, yeh i have a huge front mount kinda look! Replies apprectiated!
  20. jamieread

    Forge fmic (Crashbar)

    Does anyone know the difference between the crashbar suplied with the forge fmic and the original? Can you still fit the cooler with the original crashbar? Cheers
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