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front mounted intercooler

  1. New FMIC - Limp mode

    Hiya Chaps. Just fitted a ebay FMIC n when driving the car hard it sometimes looses all boost n has no power but if restarted its fine. It was fitted yesterday and was fine but has started pl;ayin up on way back form wrk tonite. Could it be overboosting and hittin limp mode? Car has...
  2. chris_200120vt

    fmic at last

    had a few days off work and thought it was time to fit new intercooler:D while i was tinkering put forge strut tops on,put newly powdercoated rocker cover, started to polish inlet manifold but will be taking off and putting on polishing machine and colour coded few little things anyone...
  3. Marshy's Mk3 Ibiza Cupra. FMIC and a few more bits

    Thought I'd put finally put some pics of my car up, made a few small touches but spend most of my time keeping it mint. Plans for the future are for alot more power, just deciding what route to go down at the moment Anyway, bought it in October last year, all standard bar tints and...
  4. Bazzle

    FMIC Pipework?? Wheres yours!

    Hey there folks. Well i'v havin a bit of trouble with my pipework. Bought the 2.5" Intercooler Pipework kit off ebay and the hoses that came with it are obviously rubbish. But im away to buy another and do it all over. Was wounderin how anyone has routed theirs and what silicone hoses they have...
  5. RabReith89


    Wanna get one for my cupra, would it be worth getting it fitted befor i get a remap?? Thanks Rab
  6. michaelg1001

    laguna dci fmic on a toledo tdi 110

    is it worth doing any kind of upgrade if i can get a cheap enough intercooler? what sort of gains do you think i could expect? if my money situation is alright il be gettin a jabbasport remap next month as well
  7. s1l3nc3r

    One hell of a day *fmic done with pics*

    Riiight where do i start just finished my fmic only took me 2 days all by myself :whistle: Started it yesterday but had to have it how i wanted which was in the middle and with the inlet and outlet at the bottom no other way was going to do and decided to do it without mesh... The general...
  8. Evo 9 FMIC on a Leon Cupra????

    Hi, i have just been offered an FMIC quite cheap off of an Evo 9. Anyone reckon it will be ok to fit to the 1.8t? Let me know otherwise, as im only thinking to get it, as its cheap.
  9. s1l3nc3r

    Since we been talking fmic recently...

    Im able to get hold of a fmic for very good price ive had a look through a load of the old threads on this but still not 100% answered my questions... The fmic core size is a smaller than the uni one length wise but a bit deeper... but instead of having 2 1/4" inlet and outlet its got 2...
  10. fmic

    hi there peeps has nyone got pics of there either standard fmic or the seat sport one with the bumper off so i can see the piping as i mite be getting one from a 160cupra tdi, i wana see what pipes i need when i go and get it, ifanyone can help please???? or if anyone can help with the part...
  11. SeanyK

    Fitted my Forge FMIC Today!!! (Pics inside!)

    Hey folks! My Forge FMIC arrived on Thursday, so today I decided to tackle fitting it! I will mention here a special thank you sparkie1984 as he offered a lot of help in previous weeks, and settled me fitting it by mentioning I didn't need to jack the car up at any point! (I don't have a flat...
  12. james walker

    pics of leon cupra facelift with fmic

    has anyone got any pics of their leon cupra facelift with fmic fitted? want to see whats best to do with bumper when fitted to get maximum airflow etc, with grills. cheers guys
  13. SeatR

    cupra r fmic on LC

    hey, what is needed to fit a LCR fmic on my LC ?
  14. Ibiza125

    Mk3 Ibiza Cupra Hybrid Fast road/track car (21/05/12 - NEW BRAKE LINES + NEW CAR!!)

    ***NEW CAR! AND ANOTHER UPDATE... (POST 532, PAGE 27)*** Plans/to do: Got an H&R rear 28mm ARB to fit. Going to get it properly mapped by Dave Manson. Also got an oil catch can to fit. Just bought a Forge Intercooler also, to replace the botched Laguna one :) Specification: Engine...
  15. fmic for a golf

    hi iv just been told that this fmic for a golf would be ok for my mk4 ibiza.1.8t 07 but i would after modify the pipe work .just wondering if any one els as tryed this and how they did the pipe work, cus mine is the smic what sort of rute would i have to take with the pipeing?..thanks ..here...
  16. Cutting out the front bumper for FMIC - **Finished with Pictures**

    Saw this Leon and was thinking of doing the same, to aid air flow, but so it's a bit more in your face type thing, to show my PA FMIC...a bit more bling:D (with it cleaned up and polished a bit too) would I have to cut the bumper, or is there a way of removing the thin plastic slats on the...
  17. rickyjones1209

    to FMIC or not to FMIC

    i thought engine mods would be finished after remap on saturday but im already considering a FMIC as recommended by will at p-torque. i understand roughly how a fmic would work by cooling the air for more boost? but not being the best mechanic i wouldnt know where to start with fitting one...
  18. FMIC question

    i have got my forge fmic kit and upper boost hoses now, and wanting to fit soon, would i be able to fit it and carry on driving or is it best to get stage 2 map on the car straight after fitting?
  19. pics of forge fmic's

    evening all :) im after some pictures of the forge fmic fitted behind the mesh and with the mesh removed please :D many thanks
  20. LCR - DP+Exhaust or FMIC?

    Hi! I have a remapped LCR, dyno at 243/345nm, boosting at 1,5 bar. BMC SP12, nothing else. What sould I go for? 3" DP + Exhaust or Forge FMIC? A bit temped by the DP, cause I want to quicker spool up... What are the HP gains? About 5-10hp for both?
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