Formentor Roof Control Panel Issue


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Jan 16, 2023
I have a fault on my roof module. Its not related to sunny hot weather, I live in Aberdeen after all! While driving the occasion fault opens the sunroof and blind a couple of inches...just enough to let the rain in and always whilst I'm driving and unable to stop. Whilst the fault is active all roof controls on that panel dont work. No fault found by the dealer and note made that I would monitor it. Its now due for it's 2 year service and has started self opening again. Anyone else had this fault and how did you get the dealer to resolve it. They ask for videos but it's happening while I'm driving and alone. After about 10 minutes the fault clears and I can manually close the sunroof again.
New roof module required, known problem, its possible to close (and open)it using the key fob.
Jan 23, 2024
My Cupra Formentor roof module has been changed last week (built date of my car is May). But the issue popped up again yesterday. And this time even though i turned car off , waited for some time and started again , it didn't work.

I talked to other car owners in Turkey, there are lots of people whose roof module have been changed several times (2 times and even 3 times!). I was told by the dealer that the roof module has been modified and part level has been changed. But it looks like VW didn't permenantly solve the issue and they are lying.

Do any of you know the current and previous part numbers of roof module ?

Part number of the new roof panel they installed to my car is "5H0959561CBTJA"
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Feb 7, 2022
My sunroof controls and light buttons stopped working this week. The black curtain is closed. I'm glad the sunroof is closed.
I found it this way when I entered the car. I didn't close the curtain... it closed itselve :unsure:
If I use the buttons on my key I can open all and close everything at the same time. I will to disconnect the 12volt battery to see if that wil solve it.

Update: disconnecting the battery did the trick!
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