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One of the cool new features of the forum for 2020 is the ability to add a cover photo to your profile in addition to the usual profile photo.

This sits as a header image across your profile and also shows in a mini popup if someone hovers over your profile image. Think Facebook cover photos.

To add your own cover follow the steps below

1. Prepare your image

The dimensions of the cover photo are as follows: 1200 pixels wide by 217 pixels tall. This should be a JPG and it should be possible to keep it below 100kb.

2. Select your profile in the top right. In the drop-down click on your forum name.


3. On your profile page, select "Cover" and then "Modify Cover image" as shown below


4. Upload your image using the interface as shown below


5. Click on "Save position" to fix your image as shown below.

Please note: The image also scales down on mobile as well showing the centre of the image so bear this in mind in your design. It's probably worth testing on your mobile afterwards to see how it looks.

Feel free to share your cover ideas on this thread and also ask for help designing one (include your favourite photo of your car in the request).

Any questions just ask :)


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Jan 18, 2020
If anyone wants this but doesn't have the tools or knowhow to get their images in the right form (or with added text etc), I'd be happy to help.

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