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We have a new resources section which is the new place to post your guides to help others. Previously these could get lost in the busy forums, and we have created sub-forums to pin the guides in one place. However, the forum software now provides the capability for a dedicated space designed to focus specifically on the guide itself. This should make them easier to find and get feedback for the authors as well.

Here are some hints and tips regarding the resources section.

Preparing your resource

Depending on how long your guide is going to be you may wish to prepare it separately from the forum, in a Word document for example. That way you can also check your spelling.

Try breaking your guide into the following structure:
  1. Cover photo (a photo that sits at the top of the resource showing what it is for) - tips and dimensions of cover photos can be found in this forum
  2. Title (a brief title that clearly says what the resource is and what car it is for)
  3. Tag line (a one-line description about the resource and what it aims to achieve)
  4. The resource itself (a step by step easy to follow guide with numbered sections and brief text)​
A picture tells a thousand words as they say and resources with pictures are more likely to help. Please ensure your pictures are no wider than 2000 pixels and are a medium quality JPG.

Posting your resource

  1. Visit the resources section
  2. Click on the red "Add resource" button.
  3. You will see a pop-up window asking you to select the model the resource is for as shown below


  4. You will then see the resource editor


  5. Select a prefix (this puts a label at the start of the resource which helps categorise them as shown below


  6. Enter your title
  7. Enter your tag line (one-line summary)
  8. The description field is where you add your guide. You can drag and drop your photos in here next to the relevant bit of text.
  9. Enter some tags (these are key-words to help people searching)
  10. The last two fields can be ignored, but if you want you can use them to point to other links that may be useful.
Here is an example guide

All resources need to be approved by a moderator. When you submit your resource it will go into a holding queue where our moderators will check it over. If they are happy they will approve its publication. Please allow up to 48 hours for this as our moderators contribute to the site in their spare time as a hobby.

When your guide has been published it will automatically create a thread in the relevant forum for the car the guide is intended for.

The resources section does not work on the Tapatalk app. Please use the mobile-friendly browser version of the site.
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