Front Fog Lights to LED (pre 2018 Atecas)


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Relevant to pre 2018 models.

A new step by step how to video has been produced by the same guy that did the useful video on the rear indicator lights. The videos are really clear.

The fitting is H8.

Not too sure about recommended bulbs thou. You might find something on the German and Spanish Ateca sites. Found Aliexpress good on price when I ordered the rear indicator LEDs.

BTW The cornering function can be turned on in the OBD interface via VCDS or Obdeleven. The 2017 Xcellence range has this turned off since Seat argue that the LEDs give enough visibility without the function but can be turned on for those that like it via the interface.

Note. The 2018 Ateca's come with front LEDs as Seat sorted out the remaining non LED front bulbs of the earlier Ateca's to 100 % "full LED" (front). They just need to put in the storage bins, extra hooks in the boot, sliding seats and rear table trays....
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