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Front parking sensors


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Apr 2, 2014
Hi guys just quick question I have a mk3 seat leon fr 184 and as above looking front sensors fitted I have rear sensors as standard put never came wit fronts was wondering i seen a second hand front loom and sensors on ebay does any1 no is there a plug on my standard loom were they can b fitted 2 and use vagcom to program them


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Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
Just understand, even doing it properly yourself could cost as much as £200>£300.

Have you checked up on Kufatec for availability of wiring harnesses, there is also a Polish company that provides similar cable harnesses.

I don't know exactly what is needed to do this on a MK3 Leon, but I have completed this task on a 2011 B8 Audi S4, on that car it was a case of:- buying a used compatible 8 channel parking sensor controller + used second buzzer + used console switch + new main cable from controller to front of car + new cable for bumper + 4 new sensors + 4 bumper mounting brackets + 4 bumper sealing rings, extras included extra suitable auto wiring to alter any cabling as required + connector pins male and female + crimping tool for these types of connector pins + special cutting tool for bumper complete with clamps to hold brackets while they were bonding + 2 part bonding adhesive + fabric tape and cable ties of various types to complete the job in the way that VW Group would have. After that you will need to program various car controllers to enable these changes.

It sounds like a very big job, but in reality it is not, I was not going to take any chances on messing up cutting holes in the bumper and that was why I bought a proper kit to do that job, maybe get a 3rd party to drill your bumper as that should save you a lot of cash. The front bumper will have 4 X marking where to cut the holes, the correct way to do that is always to use a correct tool as it cuts in from the front and so rolls over the outer bumper material to make a perfect hole - and not leave a sharp edge on the outer surface. Lots of people just use a drill and tolerate or ignore the look of the resulting job, but I wanted the "same as factory" look and functionality, so you can save money if you are just bodging it.

As you have a front bumper cable set, you will not need to mess around with altering the cable like I had to, most aftermarket suppliers provide the wrong connector to plug into the correct front bumper connector, ie supplying a 9-way connector instead of a 6-way, but that is easy enough to sort out by buying a 6-way connector shell either via ebay or a VW Group dealership etc.

Edit:- by the way, on reading what others had done, I bought the senor brackets from VW 2 outers and 2 inners from the 2014 Passat front bumper as its bends were considered similar to the B8 S4, the inner ones are flat and the outers were slightly curved and VW Group tend to sell brackets and double sided tape as 2 items and I and other just did not want to need to return to this task in a year or so and refix sagging or fallen off brackets, so I used a heavy duty Araldite form Halfords, and that was why I wanted a kit that had the positioning mandrels and clamps to accurately locate the brackets behind the holes and hold them in place while the adhesive cured. 4 years on everything is still working well.
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