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Worth swapping standard interior for? Also while im on it haa i presume it is a direct swap?

Ill be keeping my original doorcards i just want something other than the dated look FR interior :)

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adam cupra 20vt

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Mar 31, 2005
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Ok so is it just a case of chopping the Leon airbag plug off and crimping the Golf one on?

Prob the other way around unless you can cut the block off the Golfs loom?

Easiest thing is to cut both blocks off and join them......was told not to solder but use connectors.

Passenger seat wiring;

Loom Brown to Airbag Brown
Loom Blue to Airbag Blue
Loom White to Airbag Black

Drivers side;

Loom brown to airbag brown
Loom white to airbag blue
Loom green to airback black
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