1. 2.0 TSI FR 210 Oil Consumption

    Currently, had this car for about 2 months and it seems to consume about 1 litre of oil every 700 miles. I have seen people saying 1 litre of oil per 1000km is fine, which converts to 621 miles, but some people have said 1 litre of oil per 1000 miles, so I wanted to know what anyone else with...
  2. Need new ecu for mk2 16v cupra gti sport

    Well after 6 weeks of messing took to a garage car engine inbits machine plugged in and ecu says it's running at 4000rpm need help what ecu I'm looking for will a mk3 golf one fit or even a vr6 one please help
  3. kyle18uk

    Anyone know 'hotgolf' from club gti?!

    Does anyone have an email address or anything, want him to lighten and balance my flywheel but I'm not a member on clubgti to message him! If anyone is a member on clubgti could you pm him and pass on my email address - [email protected] Also, anyone know where to get a throttle...
  4. Calyx

    Golf GTi Recaro's...

    Worth swapping standard interior for? Also while im on it haa i presume it is a direct swap? Ill be keeping my original doorcards i just want something other than the dated look FR interior :) Thanks.
  5. C11PRA DC

    DC's 8v mk2 Ibiza GTi Cupra Sport *Back on the road!*

    Hi all, I've owned my Ibiza for nearly 5 years now so thought I should do a thread to celebrate! It will take me a while to create but I might as well start at the beginning! I like to keep things looking and mechanically OEM which you'll see in the things I've done! Its a 99 mk2 8v GTi...
  6. suj

    Suj's Stanced MK2 Ibiza GTI Dub :D.....SHE'S GONEEEEE :( (Last Pics, pg29)

    ok i thought i should start a thread, had the car long enough :D ok i brought her back in December 2008 she was dropped about 100mm, got it from near Southampton here's how it sat when i got it was decent, had low mileage (74k) but needed bits and bobs doing, so haggled the price...
  7. 2.0 i GTI using lots of fuel and loss of power ?? help!

    got my car about 2 months ago now and was nippy for 2.0 8v but after 2 weeks it started playing up if i floored it it would hesitate then go so i changed the spark plugs + fuel filter + sprayed injector cleaner into the air flow meter and it made the hesitation go away but i lossed alot of power...
  8. My Ibiza Gti 8v (New wheels)

    Havnt been on for a long while so thought i would post up a few pictures of its currant state.. Pic of the older wheels Img not to sure if i sould get my new ones sprayed at some point, need some imput! :whistle:
  9. Pre facelift Mk2 GTI - keep original or modify?

    I owned one of first 2.0 GTi Mk2's in 1996 and recently managed to buy another 1996 Ibiza 2.0 GTi pre-facelift in the same rare blue/purple colour. The plan was to modify / play around with car / maybe do some autotest's etc. The problem is that car is completely original apart from...
  10. got my ibiza cupra gti

    and what a car. loving the new power my foot has. also when cruising very suprised that the trip showed me 37.9mpg. lovely place to sit in and a smooth drive. just got to get the key fob to work with the way the other thread has said.
  11. Any Ibiza II GTi owners in Nth Yorks?

    Hey all! Newbie here from Nth Yorks, is there any Ibiza II Gti 16valver peeps knocking around my neck of the woods as they all seem to be "dominated" by skidmarks in corsa's...i'd rather be at home with my own breed thanks!....and i ain't no shrinking violet too! :D
  12. mk2 gti 8v engine problem

    hi guys found similar post related to my problem but not quite what im looking for!! recently got a mk2 gti 8v n realized whenever u start the car its really lumpy to start but then it idles fine. also realized when im driving in third gear around 1700 to 2300 revs it kangaroos a little...
  13. GTi isnt starting

    Hi all, I havent used my GTi since the bad snow started, now its not starting :( there is no spark to the spark plugs. Im hoping that its just the coil, but if it isn't is there any other common problems it could be? cheers for any help.
  14. New GTi Cupra Member

    Hey all.... I have recently acquired myself a rather tidy Ibiza Cupra Gti 16v that used to belong to a former member on here. Some of you may know it some may not... Got the car in a bit if a state really :( needed some tlc and some real love. Came with Lowered Shocks and Spring and 17" Pro...
  15. GTI 16v badge

    Hi is anyone selling a Front Gti16v badge that goes on the grill of a mk2? let me know cheers!
  16. tail happy gti cupra 8v

    as much fun as it is, does anyone else have lift off oversteer that turns you into a drift god on every roundabout? lol i bought the car for my girlfriend to use as we have a 2 year old boy and i wanted something safer than the ax she currently drives. but maybe it wasnt a wise choice lol i've...
  17. suj

    GTI Hubs?

    hey people ok then, my mate's just brought a mk2 gti valver he doesn't know much about cars, and didn't take me along, and i went around to look at it, and it's definitely been in a crash (arch is bent/not sitting right) and more worryingly i thought a bolt was missing from the wheel, so...
  18. The ibiza gti

    Here she is. havnt done alot to her except the bonnet and in the process of stripping her out atm :) and this is what im aiming for stripped caged and braced :) all comments welcome good and bad :)
  19. 8v gti gearbox's

    hi guys, just been out in the snow & blown reverse gear out on my 99 8v gti :cry::cry::censored::censored:, are the gearboxes specific to this car or do other boxes fit? Please help & point me in the right direction *************** Cheers Mike
  20. My Golf GTI Turbo

    Thought id post some pics of My Golf GTI 1.8t. Anyway the car how it was when I bought it Had the car a week or so & decided to source a set of wheels as my old ones were quite corroded Won a Anniversarry rear valance for £26 on Ebay, Picked it up & got it painted by a...
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