Pre facelift Mk2 GTI - keep original or modify?


I owned one of first 2.0 GTi Mk2's in 1996 and recently managed to buy another 1996 Ibiza 2.0 GTi pre-facelift in the same rare blue/purple colour. The plan was to modify / play around with car / maybe do some autotest's etc.

The problem is that car is completely original apart from painted brake calipers. It has the original dealer sticker, original dealer number plates, has all stickers under the bonnet, has never been crashed and is fairly tidy car considering 12 owners.

Do I keep it original - as there aren't many pre facelift 2.0 GTi's around, expecially in this colour and unmodified. I know it's only 15 years old, but scrappage scheme means there's even less of these for sale than ever (only seen 2 in last 6 months).


Do I forget about trying to save another old GTi and just start pulling it to bits?


Do I sell it to someone who wants an original example and buy a facelift Mk2 to play around with instead.

What do you think.

Cupra Kid

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Oct 13, 2005
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IF you can sell it on to an enthusiast and keep it going in original form that would be great, might get you another one to mess up and leave you some change too.

But as above really.


Cheers for your thoughs. Think I'm going to make some subtle mod's, maybe retro car it, but best advice is to enjoy it.


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Sep 17, 2007
I agree with Brummy best thing to do is enjoy it! But, id be different and rock the old school cool pre-facelift bumpers like me :p click my thread if you want some inspiration lol

They're alot less seen as facelifted ones these days and i think they look just as nice with colour coded bumpers especially in the colour yours is!

If you do go anti pre-facelift on me though (as most do lol) either sell it to me as id love a purple one or atleast sell me the bumpers and other associated parts as you can never have tooo many spares :D

Thanks and welcome, Dan!


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Sep 20, 2004
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An Mk2 Ibiza is not even in the same league has a Mk1 or Mk2 Golf so a mint, completely standard one, with all the dealer bits on it won't be worth anymore than a "normal" Mk2 Ibiza. If it was a Mk1/2 Golf then we talking something different but the Ibiza isn't a classic yet lol.
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