1. Renault Megane 250 Cup v Focus RS v SEAT Leon Cupra R v Golf GTI

    Bedford Autodrome
  2. 2.0L GTI - Won't start?

    my r reg 2.0gti was running perfect stoped it to go in shops came out and wont start now will not fire any ideas please:(
  3. Golf Mk5 GTI Brakes

    Anyone know if they'll fit with adequate spacers etc?
  4. Mk2 GTI Cupra Sport

    Hey people Have been meaning to write up my new car thread but given the weather and crap light i thought id wait but have been out today and got some decent ones. Firstly the spec: 2.0 16v GTI Cupra Sport 45,000 on the clock White 15" speedline multi spokes Janspeed twin exhaust Front...
  5. amnesia

    Leon FR/Cupra or Golf GTI Edition 30.

    If you could swap a Leon FR/Cupra ( Petrol FR ) for a Golf GTI Edition 30 and you didn't have to pay any extra, what would you do? I mean, how would you weigh up the conclusion. Same mileage and year, as well. I know the Leon comes with more as standard, but yeah, you know. Just a quick...
  6. Chocozai

    MkIV Golf GTI

    Hi everybody, can anybody tell me if alloys such as the following in 16" would fit a MkIV Ibiza? I know the MkV GTI is 5x112, but as far as I was aware, the MkIV was 5x100. How would these go on an Ibiza? Thanks!!
  7. killer205

    will this manifold fit the ibiza gti 20 16v 1998

    hi there can anyone tell me if this will fit the ibiza gti 2.0l 16v 1998 or if it will need modding cheers
  8. kyle18uk

    GTi drive shafts!

    hello all! ive done a search and not really found anything im in need of both drive shafts for a mk2 ibiza 16v gti, anyone know what other shafts are the same? I need them asap! thanks, kyle
  9. jase750

    What's a MKII 8v GTi worth ?

    I know it's hard to say without looking at the individual car, I've looked on e-bay and they are anywhere between £300-£1300 it's a 1999 3door 2.0 8valve 86k, in bronze no tax or mot and it's stood for 2 years without turning a wheel it's got all the goodies and the body work and interior are...
  10. will gti suspension fit a cupra ?

    Hi , I am thinking on buying coilovers in the US/HK and i was wondering if anyone know if the mkV gti suspension options will work on the mk2 Cupra as well. to be specific i am looking at Tein Euro coilovers (mainly because they are cabin adjustable) or the bilstein pss10's. anyone with...
  11. elcristoff

    1.8 Ibiza GTi questions

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, After completely distroying my first Ibiza (worst thing I have ever done) I'm looking to get a new one. I have found a 1.8 Ibiza GTi which the bloke is advertising as a 16v (there are no pics of the engine). However all the signals are making it look 8v; silver 5...
  12. Mk2 Gti's on Autotrader

    Is it just me, or are there quite a few Mk2's on Autotrader at the mo that are advertised as 16v's, when they're actually 8v's ?!? The give-away are the 8v alloys..... and the front grille badge just saying 'Gti' and not '16v GTi'. Think I spotted about 5 on there, all under £1k :confused...
  13. Red Ibiza GTI Cupra Sport 16v

    I'm trying to find the paint code for my 1997 Red Ibiza GTI Cupra, can anyone help me out please?
  14. average mpg on gti 8v?

    when im travelling at 30 around town in 5th gear i roughly get around 20-23mpg on the trip computer, driving on the open road at 55-70mph i generally get 30-35mpg. what do you all get? as i think i could maybe get a bit more? especially around town
  15. Golf mk4 gti LSD

    Hi all will a Quaife LSD for a mk4 golf gti 5 speed fitment also fit the 5 speed box in my leon tdi 110?? Cheers :)
  16. orangemuffin

    Idea from PVW - Gti 8v

    Was re reading Nov 09's issue this morning and looking over the Orange Mk2 golf. When on Page 11 i noticed it has a 2.0l 8v ibiza gti lump in it. When looking closer on the top if the rocker it has had the black box with 2 pipe coming out of it replaced with a mini moto filter....and it looks...
  17. Seat Ibiza GTI Cupra 2.0 16v passenger door lock and also brakes

    Hi there, I’m a newbee here, so hello all :) I’ve just bought a Seat Ibiza GTI Cupra 2.0 16v and there are a few issues with it that I need to resolve: The brakes veer to the left under hard braking. I’ve checked all callipers/pistons/pads/discs – all now ok. Does anyone know if these...
  18. welly

    Gti gauges problem solved!

    Hi all, I bought the facelift gti gauges a while back as the black and yellow dials with the huge clocks wern't really doing it for me, me and my dad 'bete noir' were hoping for an easy switch over but we got the usual issue with the oil pressure buzzer. We agreed that although removing the...
  19. kyle18uk

    Gti 16v brake differences?

    Ok so need some help, I got some 2.0 16v front hubs and calipers for my car, I've come to order braided hoses and there fine, got some pads then came to order some drilled and grooved fronts and apparently there's two choices? I can't get hold of the reg number or anything that there from so...
  20. MkII Gti 16v MOT problems

    I recently took my car for an mot and it failed. I was told I need to get two new top mounts for the front suspension and the headlights appear to have dropped part of its aiming mechanism into the sealed unit itself. As I am new to the group and was hoping someone may be able to point me in...
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